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Sounds good to me! I might filter out one or two of them, but hey, that's why we have the filtering option right? So we don't have to see the things we don't want to on here. Big Smile

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I frequently purchase art instruction books written by Christopher Hart, I have thus far collected his books: "Drawing Fantastic Furries"  "Drawing Faeries: A Believer's Guide" "Drawing Dragons and Those Who Hunt Them" "Manga Mania: Magical Girls and Friends" "Manga Mania: Occult and Horror" "Manga for the Beginner" and "Manga for the Beginner: Shoujo Art"

I have also used for quick answers to more basic things, such as shading and the like, both videos and written instructions.


I haven't tried searching through youtube for videos before though... never really occured to me(which is funny cuz I get just about everything video related from youtube.... even my yoga...) I should take a look at what's up there.... Smile

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I thought about entering this contest. However this one didn't really interest me all that much, so I figured I'd leave it to others to do the contest this time. I'm sorry no one entered.... that's unfortunate...

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If I wasn't working on selling my own art(and had the money) I would most definitely buy art from you. I took a look at a few of your works and must say I was impressed with what I found. You're VERy talented, and even MUCH better than myself. When I look at art like yours it makes me really realize just how far I have yet to go to be considered really good at what I love the most.

So to answer your question, if I could, I most definitely would indeed Big Smile

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Okay so I don't know about time-wise. Since it's still only 11:30 here. So sorry if this is technically posted on 8/15 where you are....I didn't even find out about this contest until approx. 3 hours ago, and managed to quickly throw this together.


So here's my entry: