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Improve your color skills in the #Huevember challenge. 45 XP per entry. See more November challenges

Community meetup this Saturday, 10am PST / 6pm UTC in our discord server

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Thank you for sharing something so personal, and giving everyone a chance to care for themselves a little bit better as you have been.

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Thank you for writing this. This huge and seemingly overwhelming problem crept up over time, into my writing, the most. As I got older I became more self aware, and it damaged my ability to write. I constantly questioned the quality of my writing, instead of just creating, as I did when I was younger. I try to remind myself that writing at all is important. I am going to apply your recommendations to my drawing and my writing, and thank you again for sharing your personal experiences, so that others may benefit.
I absolutely love "Perfect is the enemy of Done." I struggle with that daily. Even on a piece I've only maybe 5 minutes left to complete, it can stall me out, dead in the water.