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Oh lol I've just noticed, you have changed it, hahah, then just forget my silly question.

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On Jul 6, 2007 11:46 am, BogusRed said:

Here's how you embed these videos in your forum topic. Edit your forum post and type the following (without the spaces):

[ youtube-YDVdmIYX-oU ]

[ youtube-xvZqMMLlD5Q ]

Also, please avoid using all caps as titles for forum topics. changing topic name.

That's how I had post it the first time and it didn't work. Now I tried again and one of them worked but the other not, awsome,  Sweat Drop so I have posted again the link. lol. Sorry for the title I didn't know about the capitals, but now I don't know how to change it, when I go to edit the title doesn't appear, so how do I do it? Thanks for your patience and sorry again for being such a nuissance.

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On Jun 27, 2007 5:36 pm, BogusRed said:

Sorry my instructions weren't clear. When you are viewing a video on the youtube grab the v variable in the video's URL in your browser:

The part in red is what you want to put in place of the # like so (without spaces):

[ youtube-FaUvbncE3Gk ]


Ok I did it as you pointed here and it didn't work, then I tried coping and pasting the code Youtube povides to embed the videos on other sites and it didn't wok either, the only thing it worked was to post the link to the page; but I want to know what I did wrong for the embed not to work. Sorry for keeping on being a pain in the oh well, you know where; I suppose I can't stop being a clumsy moron Sweat Drop

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My two AMVs (Yaoi warning)

I only have the software to make Slide Shows. Sweat Drop


This is a tribute to my favorite character; most of the images are cels from the anime.


And this is a tribute to my favorite artist and my favorite couple.

The songs are property of their right owners, XxChiChixX’s pics obviously belongs to XxChiChixX and Goku and Vegeta are property of Akira Toriyama, I only own this insane obsession and a persistent craving for this couple.


I made also this webcam for my VegetaxGoku fan club on Deviantart, I think it’s funny. Made with screenshots from Dragonball Z.

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Wow greta, actually I have two on youtube, how do I do it to post those?

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Oh, I see. I hadn't thought about those kind of things Sweat Drop I think that a lot of people, including me, never value enough the effort and cost that supposes to mantain a site like this, so thanks for this site and your work on it.  

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Thanks for the kindness and patience. BTW, I have a question/suggestion: Have you consider the possibility that AMVs can be posted on this site? I've made a couple, based on dragonball, and I had to censored and changed one of them;  it was banned from youtube because it was an slideshow I made using some pics of my friend XxChiChixX and I think that it would be great if there could be a place to post it. Oh well ,that's only a suggestion. Thanks again.

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^^; Forget my previous comment. I'm such a moron. After posting that, I tried again to upload the chapter and after a couple of tiimes I just noticed that my navigator was blocking some functions of the text editor (I wasn't paying attention to that warning) so I just fixed it, so the problem wasn't in the site.  Sorry. 

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I've been trying to upload again the last chapter I had posted to solve that thing of the wrong typos, and now those "?" don't show anymore but the text appears as an only long paragraph and no sign, like the " or ' to mark the dialogues, appear either. ^^; I've been using the same formatt as always("works" Wink and this didn't happen before so I suppose that still there's a problem on the site. 



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Sorry, I didn't think that it must be a lot of work and it would take a little time to be all perfect. You are doing a great job with this, and sorry again if I've been a little demanding with my  suggestion.