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Would you please add a description explaining what abstract art is -- and, more importantly, what it is not -- to the relevant gallery? I just uploaded several abstract pieces and, in a mood to see other people's purest creative expressions, I poked my muzzle into the gallery. Except literally about 75% of what's posted in the Abstract gallery has, at best, some abstract elements in the background. The majority doesn't have any abstract content at all, and, frankly, I don't think a drawing of someone's character with some weird shapes in the background should qualify as an 'abstract piece'. I don't mean to be down on the artists in question or anything, but it took all of three minutes to really, seriously get on my nerves. I could assemble perhaps three pages, at most, of genuine abstract art from the whole seven(?)-page Abstract section.

And a good page or so of that would consist of my own work.

So it would make me, at least, very happy if something could be done to fix that problem.

Also, on a somewhat related sidenote, I feel a little weird putting my fractal art into Abstract... technically it is 'abstract', but it's also representational, and doesn't really come from the same source or motivations as most other forms of abstract art do. Plus, fractal art is by nature inherently digital and most of it has more in common with other fractal art than it does with more traditional abstract art. Hence I think it would be appropriate to create a separate Fractal section strictly for the general body of fractal artwork (I do fractal flames, but there are several other forms of fractal art; all of them would be appropriate in such a section.) If someone had the patience, skill, and free time required to try to render a fractal pattern in real media, due to the impossible level of precision required the resulting piece would really be a picture *of* a fractal and not a true fractal (unless they happened to be Jackson Pollock -- and I mean the artist himself, not someone imitating his work; that's how you can tell a real Pollock from an imitation) and would belong in Abstract. But actual graphically-rendered infinitely-repeating patterned mathematic equations, AKA fractal art, belongs in its own category.

Okay, that's my pedantic and pretentious post for the day. Sorry. :p I do stand behind all of the above... I just can't think of a less-obnoxious way to put it. Sorry again. :p

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Hmmh. I realise I'm new here, but I'd be willing to take up the responsibility regardless of whether or not you 'reward' me with a special account. :p Miscategorised pieces have always bugged me a lot. Though I have to ask -- what definition are you using for 'realism'? As I understand it, realism is simply an attempt to render your subject in a realistic fashion. Hyperrealism is where you actually acheive a piece that looks like a photograph, or comes close to it. Imaginative realism is realism done from imagination rather than from life, but it's still realism. Granted most people probably think they're rendering as close to reality as they can when they're actually drawing in a more stylised fashion because they're too familiar with their own style to see it as plainly as other people do (if that makes sense) but I think your perception of there being little realistic art in the Realism gallery is coloured by your idea of what Realism should be. Just a guess, though, because it's a common viewpoint; not intended as a criticism or anything.

Tell you what -- instead of giving me one of those new accounts in return for doing mod stuff, make a Fractal gallery so I can post my fractal work in an appropriate place rather than just defaulting it to Abstract where it doesn't really belong! XD Seriously, a Fractal-dedicated gallery would be really nice no matter what but I'd take it as a personal return for policing galleries.

Hmmh. I should start hanging out on the site's message boards too. I've been here for a few days now and all I've done is browse the galleries, upload  the best items from my back catalog, and check my inbox. Hi, by the way. XP