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"This site is themed more toward art like drawing, illustration, painting, crafts."

That is one of the things that 'drew' me to this site (puns! Big Smile ). A place I could come and browse this sort of thing without having to gloss over/scroll past all the photos of nudes/people/scenery/nudes/objects/nudes etc.

I haven't posted my own art here for a while but I still browse others' submissions. Personally, I don't mind seeing photos of a physical art project someone has done that obviously can't be scanned in for example...but I feel like galleries for photography art are plentiful and...elsewhere. Much in the way that this site was intended for a certain branch of creativity (drawing, illustration, painting etc), so are those intended for photography galleries where people who are genuinely interested in that kind of art go to see it. I come here to see illustrations, which means photography and photo collages are just like ads. My eyes glaze over and I scroll past them in my search for more of the stuff I came here for ^_^

Naturally, that's just my opinion and if I'm the minority then I'll just go back to scrolling past these submissions like I did with deviantart  Smile

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Hello!  Welcome Big Smile

Fantasy and sci-fi...omg yes.  Both of those things! ^_^

With the mass uploading ... the front page takes care of that to an extent.  We can see you have uploaded but not every piece will show up. We CAN expand that though to browse each thumbnail (I do this.  Often one of my faves is one of the "hidden" pieces Smile ) There are some who produce a final product much faster than others so the mass upload occurs somewhat regularly.  It usually means they miss out on the individual attention (I tend to just pick out my faves to comment on instead of all of then Tongue ) but it will all be there in your gallery for everyone to see as well.


If you expand the submissions from the front page (click "Newest Art" and then "more") you will get a better idea of how much is typically entered in a mass upload Smile  THAT is where you will start to knock people off the page if you upload an entire page or two Smile

That said...I'm really looking forward to seeing more!
I love your colours :3

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Good to see new faces Big Smile

I like Batman, sci-fi, eating steak, Batman, and doodling my OC's.

Yay! Sharing!


We'll certainly see each other around Smile

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Whaaa!  Hello!  Good to see you here Big Smile

Dropped a watch on your beautiful face just in case you post any writing that I don't see on the Google ^_^

Arkillian...sadly no.  Not another happy coincidence of "oh, so you live just up the road then?" Tongue


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I love Pinterest...but I use it to browse other work...not to put my own up.

Tumblr can die a fiery death though Tongue  I don't touch that place.

I'm happy to hang out here and see updates on FB (reminding me to come back here if I'm having a distracted week/month Tongue )

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Oooh, it wasn't me who suggested it.  This V-day is my first one alone in a couple of decades xD  I'm a tad bitter about it this year since it's ruining my birthday with all of it's heartless reminders Big Smile

I'm quite keen on the challenge though.  Gotta get to work on it!  

These are great. Motivating me to get off my butt and do some art Tongue


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My link Smile 

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lol, you're fine Harlequaint...Not really rude, more just unexpectedly blunt Tongue're a Goddess Big Smile  It's all fixed.  Thanks for that!!  It's been frustrating me a little bit.

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I suspected as much. I was trying to be polite about it though Tongue

I dunno ^_^ Red will see it at some point and let us know what's up Smile

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Hi Jadis!Welcome Smile I hope you find what you are looking for here with us ^_^