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I am excited to hear that the comic and writing sections are finally getting some love, the comic section is a unique part of PD that not all sites have which I love, and seeing our literary pieces in the spiffy new look of the site will be great to see Smile

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Nice to make your acquaintance! I joined at some point during your absence, i try to be active on here though i occasionally disappear. I'm distinctly a dragon artist, and mostly post art of characters from a WIP story of mine. What kind of art interests you?

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Do comic page submissions have a means to count for this, since they don’t have tags per page?

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This looks like a really fun idea, I like the sound of community events! Plus I'm curious to see what these quests would turn out like. I think this will be a distinctly different direction from most art sites, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this.

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Shading, specifically for dark colors, fur, and unusual substances like water, metal, ect. I've devoted a lot of time to lighting already, but I still don't feel that I'm where I want to be.

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Race: Dragon

Age: 4 harsni (dragon unit of age, =/= year)

Gender: Drenice (term for female dragon)

Ethnicity: Southern sea dreki (filler, still working on this stuff)

Power:  General magic, water manipulation (budding, up for change)

Sexuality: NA

Residence: Seventh isle of Lilies in the Dragon Refuge (current), Sea of the south (former, filler)

Occupation: Student (general), main babysitter (family), fisher (family)

Relationships: Jisesod/Temek (best friend), Bogū (brother figure), Khat (sister/mom figure)

Physical Description: Blue dreki (standard dragon build, four legs, two wings, short body) with a silver underside. She has large green eyes, a long and thin snout,  and two sealable nostrils. Her gums are pink with retractable fangs, many small  and narrow teeth, and a very broad tongue (of which mostly rests in a rolled position). Two streamlined back facing horns of a silver color sprout from the back of her scalp, framing a large fin crest that goes along her spine down the length of her  neck and half of her tail, both of which are long and flexible, while two smaller fins grow from the back of her jaw and next to her ears (helping her hear better). Dappling of aqua and light blue goes down her spine and across her cheeks and forehead, with a row of red scales along her centerline. Seven gill slits show near the base of her neck. Her form is very slender and delicate, though her torso is very large and round- this is due to a unique organ to her people, a large bladder than can store a considerable amount of water for the sake of sharply increasing her dive speed. This organ can also quickly expel said water to quickly rise, and has a double function of being able to produce a pressurized stream to shoot when in air. Her wings are reminiscent of flying fish fins, with many branching philanges and a connected side fan for additional mobility- in addition to this, she also has a small fin at the base of her wings for water navigation. She has four toes per foot, all webbed, with the first toes of her front paws having a hook claw for fishing.

Personality and Disposition: An extremely shy drenice, she wilts in the presence of people she doesn't know. She doesn't like being stared at is afraid of upsetting people, and doesn't know how to keep up a good conversation under stress, which makes her very unremarkable to most, but she handles herself a little better around the other dragons of her archipelago (mostly), and loves being around the babies. The youngest ones don't intimidate her, so she acts the most like herself around them- the same goes for animals, whom she adores. She's curious by nature, but her anxious personality prevents her from accessing most sources of information. Fate does not handle upset individuals well, and will usually run and think it was somehow her fault they got in that mood.

Hobbies and Mannerisms: Fate spends most of her time with the babies, making sure they don't run off and are entertained. When she isn't, she likes to collect sea shells and interesting bits from plants, bead neclaces and other accessories, read non-fiction, and feed the local peafowl flock and cats. Swimming with her friend Jisesod is another thing she enjoys, since both have gills and can explore underwater where the other kids can't.

Miscellaneous: -Called fish 'fif' for a while when younger, Khat still uses the term with her, to her great embarrassment.

-If she is sufficiently suprised, she will spurt a splash of water.

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Race: Dragon

Age: 4 Harsni (dragon unit of age, =/= year)(A kid)

Gender: Drenice (term for female dragons)

Ethnicity: Cloud drake

Powers: Basic higher magics, Sound magic (budding)

Sexuality: NA

Residence: 7th Isle of Lilies in the Dragon Refuge (current), Cloud Forest (former)

Occupation: Student (general), hunter (family)

Relationships: Khat (older sister/mother role), Lorraise (best friend/family), Afris (main friend/family), Darion (main friend/family), other archipelago residents (family)

Physical Description: A green/brown drake (four legs, no wings, compact [AKA not noodley] body) with red-violet slitted eyes. She has six back facing horns framing her face and a smaller one on her nose, all of a peach/tan color, with a feeler on her nose and two on her chin. She has naturally yellow teeth with her top cuspids are growing as she ages into sabers, her gums are blue with dark spots, and her tongue is flat and flexible. She has bright green spots on her forehead, cheeks, and along her spine, and she has an undeveloped frill across her shoulders.

Personality and Disposition: Friendly, excitable, and energetic. Hyūra loves to try new things, meet and help people, and explore. She gets loud when excited, not an uncommon thing to happen with young cloud drakes whom's abilities are emerging and have not been refined, though it coupled with her outgoing personality, it tends to scare off the shy. This is not her intention in the slightest, she much prefers to make people laugh. She can get competitive with her friends, but dislikes true conflict and is sensitive to it.

Hobbies and Mannerisms: Hyūra loves being busy. She partakes in most morning hunts for the family, takes turns as an assistant babysitter for the younger kids of the archipelago, and spends time with friends outside of the family after lessons. An admirer of fashion, she has a fair closet, though is not interested in making her own attire. If she hears any music she likes, Hyūra will not hesitate to dance to it.

Miscellaneous: She loves juicy food.

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Topic: Hey, all!

Figuring out body language is interesting, it helps to look at examples of real life animals to egt an idea of what to do. I intend to have my stories as comics, so it's extra important  that I figure that out! Designing them is a blast too, I put a lot of time into each of my character's designs (and redesigns!).

I enjoy how people go out of their way to comment on people's works, even if the piece isn't a part of their niche interests. It's not too uncommon for me to get into a casual conversation when I didn't expect it, which I really enjoy. On other sites I'm on, comments are very seldom, which I find disheartening. Further, I haven't had bad encounters with people on here, it's been positive and friendly, rather than on my toes.

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Topic: Hey, all!

Nice to meet you too, RoostOwls! I personally like the community here a lot, I hope you come to as well. I'm also very story and character oriented, most of my art on here involves my characters. I'm also distinctly a dragon artist, and all of my significant characters thus far are dragons (not like my username makes that apparent, heh!) 

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Hello DragonAceSg7, nice to meet you! It's sad that that sort of things happened to you on other sites, the internet can be a scary place. I'm glad that you feel safe here though, I'm fond of this place myself. Hopefully it'll help you feel comfortable enough to start posting and making more again soon.

To BogusRed, it's neat that you put up a livestream, though sorry I missed it. I only get online a few times a day, and the stream fell squarely outside of those! Don't worry about seeming awkward, it happens to all of us. It might help if you have a loose outline for what you're going to say beforehand. It would be less clunky than notes, and for those moments when you're unsure what to say, you can briefly glance at it and see where to go next. As long as you don't follow it like a gps, it can help a lot with talking to an audience!

I think that the community and self improvement are great aspects to focus on. The community is a large part of why I like paperdemon so much- people go out of their way to comment on one another's art, even if it doesn't fall into their niche of interest, which feels so welcoming. On larger art sites that doesn't really happen- the only ones who have a dialogue going on are either personal friends or artists with hundreds of followers. It's particularly bad for original artists like myself, since people don't want to take the time to learn about new characters and worlds, but instead flock to fan artists, who often are no better or worse than yourself but are vastly more popular.

Providing resources is also great, since it gives people a steady place to look when they're hoping to get better at some aspect of art instead of having to dig through other places to find what they want. Further, sometimes things pop up that someone didn't think about previously, which can lead to them improving in aspects they didn't expect. Something like that happened to me with one of the past articles. It was about story boarding for animations, which wasn't something that hadn't occurred to me before, and I decided to use it in the animation I currently am working on, which helped.

I'd say more about the red curtain except I'm a very SFW artist and would have pretty much nothing to contribute about that discussion, but I think it's great that it's an option for those who participate in that sort of thing. I greatly appreciate the filter system!