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That is great! Comics are a great way to get science into children.

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I am not sure how well my writing would get fit into a genre, but I like adventure, mystery, action, and humor. Right now I am working on scripts for an artist I know to illustrate into a comic, Very dark thus far. Common theme though, I looooove monsters! 


My follow through used to be pretty questionable too, but lately I am just a demon with pen and paper! Five ten pages a day for the last couple weeks. 

I don't think I understand what you are asking.

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Hello, comrades on the war against having to use Deviant Art! I just signed up this morning and would like to tell you a few things about myself.


  • I am a writer.
  • I am an asshole, no wait, just said that one!
  • As opinionated and candid as I am, never think I am trying to be mean or I don't like you. I like most people. I still look out for those few I can't stand.
  • I mostly read non-fiction, holy texts, and philosophy. I think that it makes me a better and more unique writer. I think it helps to avoid tropes and cliches. 
  • I am a huge language geek!!! Not just English, though that is definitely my best language, I have studied bits of everything. Would love to see you write in or learn the grammar of your languages!
  • I am a martial artist! A pretty decent one too! I use Wushu! 
  • Despite that rhyme in the last item, I am no longer a poet. 
  • I love monsters, especially old ones! Djinn are bae. 
  • You cannot offend me, so speak frankly. I am a big boy. 
  • I published in high school, but it is not good. If you ask I will link you, but remember it was made free for a reason. 
  • I am the monster at the back of the bible.
  • I will gladly discuss any topic. 
  • If writing commissions are a real thing, I will so do that thing! It's the green it's the green it's the green I NEEEED!
  • I know where you sleep.
  • I love making bulleted lists. 
  • I need to stop hitting enter.


Hit me up!

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I cannot stand the feels if I try to write a fan fiction. In high school I played a little bit with some Pokemon stuff but I just could not get into it. I find it sad that you feel the need to write fan fictions specifically to get attention from those people.

I write to put things out that should not be left in, to help others who have issues that they need not to be left in, and hopefully one day to be able to quit my day job. The few bucks a year I make from story writing keeps me from that "Why am I even doing this?" moment.

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I am suspicious of any writing tips presented on a numbered list that is not a numbered list.