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Item to Craft: Kitemail

Quantity: 1



Admin use only

Proof Link:

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Character ID: Freya 39

Request: “150 Gold for Packing and Crafting.”


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PaperDemon URL:

First-Time Design:

Proof of Ownership:

Items: xx

Design Notes: Uhhhh, not sure if I used too many free marks ^^'

Special Note: I'm a first-time owner!


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I had a question regarding character creation for the ARPG. I was thinking about making a werewolf-like character, but since ferals are not allowed would that not be the best idea? Or is there some middle ground (design/story wise) if these character types aren't aloowed yet. Thanks for reading, and I eagerly await your reply.