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Pretty self-explainatory topic, I guess.

List your favorite song in this thread, whom it's by, and why you like it so much.

Any fond memories attached to it, or do you just like it because.. It sounds nice?

Let me.. Let me have a lame moment here to state mine: Yasunori Mitsuda's "Undersea Palace" from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.

I'm not sure why I like it so much. I guess it's because at heart, I'm big flogging gaming nerd, and Chrono Trigger was my first(?) RPG.

I just remember loving playing through this part when I was like.. 10, because, God, it was so awesome.


Okay. Now it's YOUR turn to post, ladies and gentlemen.

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Topic: Horror Fest!

Silence of the lambs actually isn't all that scary--unless you find intense conversation between two boring people and a psycho-path frightening (which I wouldn't hold it against you if you did).

I think the last horror movie that I saw was "House on Haunted Hill", which didn't freak me out as I was watching it... But after the movie finished, I felt sick and wanted to throw up.


Don't know what was up with that.

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... So...

Where do guyses (and girlses) live, eh?

You don't need to get into specifics. States/country names will do just fine :p

Like anything about where you live? Hate it?

Feeling nostalgic...?

Go on, kiddies. Give a post or two. Let's all get to know each other a little better, eh?

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Maybe you should draw me making out with Inuyasha.