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For once I have no idea where I stand...I can see putting it into a gallery of it's own...but I can also seel eaving it the way it currently is, afterall, MOST people who filter one will filter both, so what difference does it make? The SAME people still won't see it. *Shrugs* At least, that is in the people that I've had similar discussion with, and discussion in groups that I've read. If there are people who will look at the sexy poses, and the single nudes, but NOT the 'harder' stuff, then I guess a new gallery would work for THEM and how they would want to filter it. *shrugs* So either way is fine with me. ^-^

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*nods* OK. So it would basically depend on how you chose to draw them. TECHNICALLY they all have the exposed bones at the elbos and kness, some have parts of thier faces missing as well, but not everyone choses to draw them that way. I'd say that adding the exposed bones and innards, as well as the rotting flesh to the no-no list is the probably the best way to go...makes THAT end of things, at least, really clear.

Well, I'm glad Ive been able to help with this stuff, at least a little. I'll keep my more 'authenticly' drawn stuff on other sites so far as the Undead go...and the more artistic, no 'inside bits' showing for here, then.

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On Aug 11, 2007 1:38 pm, BogusRed said:

I don't know a thing about the undead races in WOW. So I don't know whether to allow it or not. Could you perhaps redirect me to some resources with information on it or explain it to me?

Here, I'll direct with a link to the fanart stuff on the WoW website, or at least some links to the undead specifically. *goes to fetch links*

Official info on the Undead...not likely very helpful on most counts as it's meant for player and potential player referance:

Some screencaps on the WoW website:

Official background on the WoW website:

Another wallpaper:


All but one of those links are from the official WoW website. I'll admit that in a lot of ways they are physically close to zombies, however I also see a lot of differences, but it the end it's your call, hun. ^-^ And as I've said before, if you don't want to allow it, I've other places to post it, and I'm sure that more people can find other places, too. ^-^

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On Aug 10, 2007 7:09 pm, BogusRed said:

Wow these are things I didn't even consider. Thank you for bringing this up. I think Draith's comments about an unmoving corpse are dead on (haha excuse the pun). However, I think sex with a Zombie is pretty darn icky too. Vampires, angels, and ghosts I think are alright. But inanimate corpse sex is not allowed for sure. I'm undecided about zombies. Right now I'm thinking Zombies shouldn't be allowed.

I'm leaning more towards agreeing with you on the zombie issue...I mean, I may occasionally look at it, but for me the unthinking dead is a little too close to necro to be on the 'safe' side of the line there in a place like this. I've got other places to look at it, when I feel like it.

But I do have to ask, and will understand completely if you count it alongside the zombies, what about WoW fanart involving the Undead race? The biggest reason I ask is because some of the most beautiful WoW fanart I've seen has involved them. And as I stated before, I, personally, don't count them in with Zombies. So clarification there would be least fort hose who view it as I do.'re welcome for having this brought up. I could just envision people either A: reporting everything involving the 'undead' because they don't approve and take the 'no necro' to mean that anything 'undead' counts. Or B: people posting art of zombies, or waht not and claiming that it's not TECHNICALLY necro, as thier definition is the unmoving corpse, and zombies, Undead race, vampires, etc are NOT unmoving corpses. And that would just generate the kind of Drama I'm hanging out HERE to avoid. ^-~ Once my circles over on DA calm down, I'll happily move to frequenting both. ^-^

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lol And that, Draith is exactly why I brought it up! There are some of us that might have differing views from others. I know there are people that would say at the least Zombies count in Necro... So it definately needs to be thought out in detail with a lot of specifics give. ^-^ At least in relation to the 'living dead' or 'undead' factors. ^-^

Posted on necrophilia was brought up as one of the topics in art you won't allow, I have to ask this...

What counts as necro? And what would count as being 'ok'? I ask because, well...there's a lot to cover there that should be considered. If you count 'necro' as being anything containing a 'dead' character, not just a corpse...well, Angels to some are dead. Vampires are dead, zombies are VERY dead. What about ghosts? If what is a no no is one having sex with a corpse, then zombies SHOULD count, as they ARE rotting corpses. However, some would argue that they are the 'living dead', right alongside vampires. So specifics here would be a good idea, as well. With a list of 'no nos' and 'allowables'.

Like, if I drew an image of one of my characters from WoW having sex with one of my husband's characters, would it count as unnaceptable here as they are both from the Undead race? Or the ever popular Zomby raping a random character from the Resident Evil games. Personally, though I will view both, I count the zombies as being drastically different from the Undead. And vampires and angels are a whole other area of the 'dead but not dead' to me, as are ghosts. *shrugs* Just pointing it out, not saying any of it should be here, just that more detailed thought should be put into that one, too.

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Adding my two cents to this...

So, after reading the first post, and everything after it...I just want to say that the original idea of how to differentiate between 'allowed' and 'not allowed' was a good one. By this I mean the whole physical features in the hips, breasts, and bums for girls at least, and a less 'little boy' physique in males...though for me, and my own art, pubic hair rairly happens as I personally don't like it. Bot those clues to someone being pubesent, old enough for the hormones that make the sexual being what it really is, is a great idea. It gives those of us who DO draw characters who are normally underage as being older a guidline of what will make them 'acceptably' old enough. Example: I like ecchi to hentai art of the characters from Card Captor Sakura. In canon several of my favorites are far to young for sex. In what I would like to draw, and like to view, they are at least 16. Now...I will say that I draw the line at 16 because that is when I personally, had my first time, so it just seems...natural to me for that age. For many sites, however, I TRY and age character up to 18. For the cast of CCS, that's fairly easy as they ARE so young to begin with...but take a character like Kagome from Inuyasha or Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon...they already LOOK older in the way thier bodies are shaped/formed in the canon. That makes it FAR harder to age them up without making them rather old. So having a guidline of 'draw them this way and your pretty safe' so far as thier bodies go is a good thing. Now, I DO understand that some pieces may be removed anyway, because of other aspects to them, or becuase they are all abou the sex, and not the art, and I'm fine with that. But knowing that I can, say submit a picture here of Inuyasha and Kagome kissing, while nude, with NOTHING showing because of the pose, is a wonderful thing, when other sites would tell me that 'she's not old enough' and remove because she's canonically (is that even a word?) underage and they don't feel that either I've aged her up well enough, or don't allow you TO age them up to do such art.

And that was really long from someone who hasn't posted a THING artwise yet...ummm...well...there's my two cents and then some I guess...*runs to hide and decide what art to post first*