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A chance to illustrate an original Sci-Fi or Fantasy story. Bring to visual life a world that's never been done before in our Big Bang Challenge. Earn 60XP for every submission.

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On Feb 10, 2009 8:04 am, BogusRed said:

An alternative policy would be that we would not allow tracings, copies, or paint overs at all unless:

  • A) the work is drastically changed from the original OR
  • B) it is posted to the user's image folio (these would not appear in the art gallery)

The image folio works great for a lot of things that we don't allow in our main gallery such as photography and photo manipulation. And its not that we don't consider those things "art," its that our gallery is more focused on drawing and painting and I'd like to keep it that way.

I like the alternative policy. It's like dA's scraps section. And I like the 3 categories of personal galleries here too (Finished, WIPs and Sketchbook).

Another gray area is art that is like Orioto's on dA. He takes a picture/portrait as a base (like for shadows and stuff) and paints over it, but drastically changes it (like turning Ricky Schroeder into Sasuke *or something*). He doesn't always cite the original picture, but that's something to think about too.

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On Feb 9, 2009 8:38 pm, BogusRed said:

Well the problem with that is ALL fanart is a derivative of someone elses copyright. Should we then contact all the animation studios and ask for permission before we draw fanart? Should I as a host of this content be required to ask TOEI animation for permission to host peoples fanart drawings of Dragon Ball Z? This is the main reason I think it is unreasonable to ban copies/tracing. It's a different story if someone is tracing your work and then profiting from it.. But at a certain point it does fall under fair use, especially if its just for personal or educational use. The problem is finding that line and defining it better.

What we could do is not allow tracings or copies in the main gallery and only allow them in the Image Folio as that falls more under 'personal use' than publishing of content if this is something that the community feels strongly we should do.

The problem on dA (well, there are a lot of problems but these are in regards to tracing/stealing) is that people use it like photobucket/imageshack/etc. and so they "Save Image As..." and upload it to their own gallery and say "Hay This is awsum, i spent 3 months on thiz" Or "I thot this was way kewl and I wanted to share" and they don't say who the original artist is (really, if you like it that much Fave it and make a journal about it).

Or, they completely traced over an anime screenshot/scan and say "Iznt this awsum?" *shakes head at my lame attempts at netspeak* And those people get 3,000 faves because it's Sasuke, even though it is a complete copy of a screenshot/scan (it may be cleaner and bigger, but it still doesn't differ at all).

Referencing, to me, is like drawing a still life: You look at something and try to draw it. Like a model in Life Drawing class, or a car, or a hand, because you aren't capable of drawing it and you need a little help (proportions and whatnot).

I think that if it's a screenshot that you traced (painted over, whatever), say what anime (or wherever it's from), where you got the image (if you capped it yourself, put it on phtobucket or something and give a link), and that you don't own it. There's a bad stigma if you say you "vectored" something because artsy people immediately equate that to tracing it, even if you made it all completely yourself (like Vashtastic on dA, she is completely awesome). And, it doesn't really belong in your main gallery, since you just completely copied someone else, because you were "learning". (Tracing screencaps for learning can help you find out faster ways of vectoring, how to arrange layers, shortcuts, etc, but I don't really think it's art. That's why none of my tracings are on dA or PD.)

There may have been a point somewhere in that, but I think PD's policy is good Smile

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Hmmm... Well, it's not a huge problem.

Maybe it's because I dump the cookies each time I close FF?

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Okie dokies Smile

Firefox *waiting for bugs to get worked out of 3.0 before I upgrade* I'm sure it's Firefox's fault Big Smile

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*hugs your great brain*

While this place doesn't have the huge variety and massive sumbissions of devART... I do like this place better. When something gets mentioned, it usually happens soon after. You actually LISTEN to your members Smile

Another suggestion, though I'm not sure if it's possible: Even when you're logged in and click the link at the top of the page to go to the RC, it asks you to say you're over 18. I think it's a little redundant, since you're already logged in, but if it's something that can't be changed (or there is a specific reason for it), I can live with it Smile

*By the way, are you still taking apps for jr. mods?*

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I liked it better when we could get to our subscriptions through the little drop down members area menu, but I guess I'll just have to get used to this...

Not that this new thing isn't cool, but I do hope it comes back. I like to see the art, not EVERYTHING that I can do on this site... I also liked that we could see more than 8 artworks at a time and that the RC art was separate from the PD art.

*Wow this sounds mean to me... I think I'm cranky tonight. I'm just trying to give you honest feedback*

*falls asleep*