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Bogus, from what I heard, & this is from someone who was lucky enough to meet one of the producers of the anime, there is talk of continuing it. What had happened was the anime caught up to the manga so in order to avoid more filler episodes, then simply stopped it. The manga is nearing the end. I'm reading scanlations of it & I won't say more becasue i don't want to spoil anything for anyone.


That said, I happened to pick the manga on a recommendation before the anime started airing. I happen to like both of them as well as the movies, although being a Sessh fan more than a Inu fan, I like the thrid movie the best, since it focused more on the brothers & less on the Inu/Kag fluff.

If you'd like the link to the scanlations, let me know. I do know they don't pick up where the the lastest VIZ manga left off, rather they picked up the slack when a few other scanlation sites went down. I used to visit a site that had them in script form, whioch i would direct you to, but unfortunately they are no more.  It's a pity becasue they had the script all the way back to the first chapter.



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On Nov 19, 2007 6:37 am, cruffins said:

a mary -sue is a character made by most likely a 12 year old, is most of the time in fan-fiction, and will almost always be perfect or angsty to the point the imfamous most-lusted-after-lead-character falls deeply and madly in love with them. further more, mary sues appear mostly in very dry plotlines and always get their way/love in the end. i don't think i've ever seen a mary-sue in an actual movie or novel(that sort of thing).


I've seen an article a while back about Sues & it seems even professionals aren't imune to creating them. If they work you really don't mind them or even notice they're there. It's when they don't that they become annoying. If anything, it seems a Sue has a place in story-telling whether people like or not. The trick is to make them work, because sometimes a particular plot calls for a Damsel in distressand a handsome young Hero to save her time after time until they can live happily ever after.

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Here's my character, Hibiya Jackson's stats: (BTW Jackson is his first name)


Name: Hibiya Jackson (his first name is Jackson)

Link:art thumb

Aproximate age: 40 ish, he looks younger.

sexuality: gay & proud of it.

Ethnicity: Japanese

Hair: Dark brown

eye color: dark brown/black

Dress sense: *laughs* he cross-dresses, although that can be anything from adding a touch of make-up, to dressing up completely. He's an onnagata, which is a male actor specializing in women's roles. He's very successful at it, haviong done this for around 20 years. He's been known to fool people who don't recognise him, he's a famous celebrity in Japan, into thinking he really is a woman. He has a pair of women's red silk panties that he likes to wear & call his "lucky panties." His favorite outfit when going clubbing with hsi lifepartner is a black cashmere sweater, black leather mini, black suede high heeled boots, gartebelt & stockings, as well as his lucky panities & a black lace bra; his face would be fully made-up.

Likes: chocolate cake, Hello Kitty, flirting, watching movies & anime with his life-partner, singing at the local  karaoke bar , pachinko

guilty pleasures: Harlequin romances

dislikes: people who cheat in a relationship (Has severe issues with this), and peopel who call him a "drag queen"

learned skills: being a woman, (he's very good at this), cooking American foods (he grew up in NY city)

natural skills: singing, acting

Likely activity at a party: flirting with any cute guy he sees (they're all fair game here), especially if they either believe he's a woman, or they're annoyed & uncomfortabel with a guy flirting with them.

notable quirks: he's out going, yet terribly insecure when it comes to relationships.


I think that's it... ^^;





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Topic: Faving photos

I'm not sure if I'm asking the right palce, but I was directed here so... I was wondering if some timein the future we could ahve a way to fave photos in other artist portfolios? There's a photo of some really cute dolls a friend of mine made & posted here & I would love to fave them as I think they're cute, but as of now there's no way to do it.



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On Oct 20, 2007 8:56 am, Minimaid said:

It's one of the main forum topics.  Smile   Any time you think of something you'd like to see on the site, you put it in there.



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On Oct 20, 2007 8:12 am, Minimaid said:

As yet there is no way to fave photos.  If you want that feature added in, you could put it into the suggestion box and see what BogusRed thinks of it, but currently it is not installed.


Thanks! Just one thing I'm not sure of, where do you find the suggestion box? ^^;

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Does anyone know how to fave something in the portfolio where photos are kept? I saw a doll in a friend's gallery that I wanted to fave, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

luv kira

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Topic: Please Help

On Oct 18, 2007 12:12 am, arkillian said:

I have CS2 also so it makes things a little easier, but my first thought is file association. You're using a program that forces it's way onto your computer and that sux >.< I'll tell you how to open PNG files WITHOUT Flash

*is assuming you have windows XP to do this*

  1. Open a folder- any folder
  2. Go to to the menu "tools", then "Folder options"
  3. Click the tab "File types"
  4. In the box with your bazillions of file types, scroll down until you find PNG
  5. Click on PNG at the bottom of your pop up window, it'll say that this file is asociated with Flash
  6. Click the button "Change" beside that, and change it to open with something like.... Firefox or IE or what ever browser you use. Not Photoshop. Photoshop takes too long to open. Windows picture and fax veiwer is also good to open with as its also free with windows and will allow you to veiw all the pictures in your folder like an album. You may want to repeat this process with BMP, JPG,JPEG,GIF and any other picture formats you have. DON'T associate you Photohop formats with this program as they are specific for Photoshop, or flash files (since you seem to have flash) etc...

There- that'll fix your veiwing problems forever Smile (Well- as long as you own that computer anyways...)

May I also mention- BMP format files are unnessecarily HUGE. If all you want to do is veiw them for fun, you shouldn't save any as BMP cause the pictures will take up heaps of room. My art on my computer (the small versions anyways) never exceeds 1Mb in size- They average 500Kb usually, but they're un pixelated and clean dispite being small- actually... I think my resolution on my screen is high enough to say that they're large pictures anyways >.>

Ummm... saving in photoshop, whether you use JPG or PNG format- save it under "Save for Web"- it's something my brother showed me. When you hit the save button, it doesn't optimise it for your picture. If you have a picture that you *know* only has 10 colours, you can tell it to save it with 10 colours, and it'll be small, rather than with a bazillion colours and be larger. You can also tinker with how it compresses, and get a preveiw of how it looks after being compressed. This is really cool to see exactly HOW different it looks when you save it as a JPG or PNG. You probably wont notice much difference in The pictures if you don't have the right eye though, so as long as you don't have a low compression on your art, you should be fine alot of the time. Best to save under this though cause it's actually easier.

Whether you use my advice here or not is up to you. They're just my thoughts since it's an issue that bugs me- picture quality. Just an FYI incase it seemed worth it too you. Just trying to help *salutes*



Thank you! I'm going to try that when my brother gets home, he knwos a bit more about comps that I do. ^^; so if i make a mistake, he'll be able to help me.

That's exactly what I do when i save my art in PS.  I'll have to play with the compression too. There's soooo many things one can do with photoshop, & I knwo i don't even knwo hwo to do half of them. ^^; I'm just glad I can get it do what limited stuff i cna do.

Thank you for the help! *salutes you back*

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Topic: Please Help

On Oct 17, 2007 12:40 pm, arkillian said:

What version of photoshop you using cause that makes no sense to me. Are you sure it's Photoshop or not photoshop elements or something? It doesn't make sence for it to do that. I assume you scan into this program too? Why do you need *.BMP files in the first place?

Chosing PNG format over JPEG isn't a professional astists thing- I use to get really annouyed at my computer when I was younger and doing art for my friends also- I did pokemon pictures, and all my reds and blues blured in my pokemon pics and it annouyed me SO much cause it was hideous- then my brother explained it to me:-

JPG is great for photos- things that have complex levels of colours, usually ones that are more natral to the eye cause how it works is the eye can't see red and blue as well as green, so it blurs the blues slightly, and the reds alot to save on information it needs to record. You may not notice it if your compression level is low. If you do that you may as well use...

PNG format- it'll soon completly phase out GIF format because (This is taking out a heap of stuff- PNG can do more than this) it is lossless- it has a coding that is efficent enough not to destroy the art while making it a small file. It can also do 16 million colours- unlike GIF which is only 256 (sounds alot, but it's really NOT ). PNG also does layer support and animation (never played with these functions). The big thing about PNG though for YOU is that all your hard work STAYS.

JPEG is good for pencil drawings and photos, PNG is best for digital art

Once you figure out which format is best for your picture, then even the size of the file doesn't matter cause PNG files aren't that big (if you compress it right), so I'm not sure why you'd *want* to make your digital art JPG format. As you see above, it's just as easy to use a lossless format like PNG. It's nothing to do with skill level- it's quality. Bogus Red would be beter to talk to about the full range of stuff PNG can do than me Smile

So yeah- don't sell your art short by destroying your work- specially if you can't make it large to toy with your layers. I have tones of memory so I can do huge pics, but it doesn't mean the end result can't be as good as it can be.

*will stop now she sounds like she's preaching the PNG god or something....*


*laughs* I had to go look... it's Photoshop CS2. ^^; You've totally lost me here with all this. Anyway the reason I ahd to convert BMPs to JPGs was an old epal of mine used to send me the most adorable little pix and things like bday cards that she made from screne caps via email, & for soem strange reason, hotmail wouldn't let me save it as anything else. So I ahd to convert it in order to post it on my site. Also when I want to open a PNG file it opnens in Macromedia flash & I can't figure out how to use the darn thing. ^^; So doing what I do really works for me. I can't see any difference in quality between the two. Then again, I've watch my Uncle's Hi-Def  TV & it looks the same as the TV I watch at home. So maybe it's my eyes & how i see things?


As for my layers, I tend to layer on the color in each layer, think of painting with a brush & paints, blending the colors until I get what is a "single layer" even though I may have gone over the same spot a hundred times. Plus I never really ahve more than 20 layers tops. It's more like 10-15 layers.

*laughs* I think the only time I used a GIF was when i made a sprite. XD

Anywyas, lets just agree to say it works for you saving as a PNG, but not for me. *huggles*

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Topic: Please Help

On Oct 16, 2007 5:47 pm, arkillian said:

Convert it in Photoshop- that's better than paint. Personal veiwing pleasure or not- you shouldn't have to deal with poor quality if you don't have to.

Also- PNG format is better for non photograph pics. JPEG bleeds the colours alot to make it smaller. Compressed right, and PNG can be just as good without the quality loss Wink


Trust me, I would if I could, but for some reason Photoshop refuses to open BMPs for me. I keep getting error messages. I'm used to JPGs & since I'm only Cging for myself & friends who aren't professional artists, it works for me. I also work as large as i can, it's hairy when I have a ton of layers (PS likes to freeze up on my then if the image's too large & too amny layers) so I usually make it smaller when it'sa still a PSD & they really look fine to me. I guess that just goes to show just how little i know, eh? ^^; It must be why I like your art so much, it's the special something (a PNG instead of a JPG) that I can't identify, yet i knwo it's there.