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Your OC has discovered a magical portal to an underwater world. Participate for 60XP

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I would critique more, but I seem to run into 'potluck' marked images more than anything else. But when I do run into candy coated or roast, I do offer tips and also my complements on the image (I don't like sounding harsh to people, simply because that's not me). I've marked all my artwork as Candy Coated, because I want critism, but not a whole lot. Also, because I figured no one liked my stuff before (had it on potluck) because no one commented on my work. So I changed most of my gallery to Candy Coated, and I'm still not recieving any comments or critiques. It seems like everyone prefers the new computer done art over traditional, at least to me. So I'm wondering why I even bother to continue posting stuff in my gallery if no one's critiquing. 

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Wish granted. Your works in progress do finish themselves, but they come and attack you and give you lots of paper cuts 'cause you were lazy XD


I wish for a pet dragon

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Wish granted. You get a poster of Barney the Dinosaur Evil


I wish my book characters came to life.