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Hello everyone!

Since it’s gotten a bit cooler around here and due to the fact that I have 10 days off from work, I am offering commissions again -

traditional ones, this time.

Everything you need to know you'll find here:


Thanks for taking a look! :>

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Hey everyone,


So since yesterday I haven't been able to post new works, neither in FireFox nor chrome. The files are named normally, are jpg and under 1MB in size.

after I hit the upload button it just hops to the upload site without any note on what went wrong.


anyone else having this problem? Sad

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Oh well, my stats say that I've been here for almost 10 years as well.

Though I haven't been active much lately, which I am trying to change :>

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Not only do I listen to radio (though honestly, mostly on sunday mornings only, cause there's a  classic rock hour then x)) But I am a DJ for an internet-radio station, and have been for over 5 years now.

I think there will be more people listening to stations than to 'oldschool' ones. Buuuut I know many who listen to normal radio all the time - mostly at work, but hey~

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Hey there!


well, I've been here a week or so but never looked at the forums ^-^;, that was because my internet time was limited, since i hadnt had internet at my own PC... But Now I have Corky Smile

I recently Moved to Hanover, Germany. Smile


I'm a fantasy artist who mostly paints her own Chars (haha, who not? >.> ). Well, I cant think of anything interesting here. Just that DA bugs me, and that's why I'm here. Corky Smile (I think this is a cuter and friendlier place..)


Any Questions? Corky Smile