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The new color scheme is nice.  Smile   It also reminds me that it just dumped 10 inches of snow here over the last weekend.  LOL

Happy Holidays!

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Hey, there's no guarantee in life but death and taxes, right?  ...right?  No Smile


It's a high fantasy story is about an amazon named Aelixia, who would rather be chosen as shaman's apprentice, despite her mother's wishes.  But her life changes when the Guardian's gift corrupts her magic; she is exiled from her clan into the outland territories, and becomes enslaved under the guise of 'being taught' her new gifts, to the one whom it was written in prophecy she was supposed to destroy.

I was rather straightforward in the intro what I was looking for - tell me if it stalls, or if something doesn't make sense.  I'm not looking for hard-core editors, but I'd like to know that it's a decent story or if there's things I still need to explain.  The only REALLY difficult thing I see about critiquing it is just getting through it.  But that's just me...

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It's finally done.  This project that's been eating me up for...well, ever... is finished.  And edited.  And now I'm cross-eyed.

Well, not really, but my head hurts and I'm done looking at this and drawing a blank at what to do after editing it.  That's where I ask someone with a fresh take on it to critique, if you feel up to it.

I have it on 'Roast Me', but it's not drawing too much attention.  I'm thinking it's because of the length; so fair warning, yes it's long.

Then again, I could be stroking my own ego and it just sucks...

Thanks in advance.


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Famous, or infamous? Being 'Disney-fied' isn't exactly a compliment in my experience.  Ponder  

Personally, I laughed my butt off when the prince got run over by the bicyclists in mid-song. ROFL

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Funniest comedian I've seen on Comedy Central in a long while, and it's been a while since I've seen Jeff too.  Back then, it was just Peanut and the jalepeno on a stick.  Unfortunately the part I found funniest I can't spell out.  What?    Yes, it was the part with the Iraqian skeleton.  Big Smile

And I agree with Silverbane.  Funny is what it is. 

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You know it's a good story when.. chuck the book across the room out of the sheer creepiness of the story (yeah, it was 1am.. Annoyed )

Still, no other author had ever made me feel physically ill before I read Stephen King's Dreamcatcher.

s*** weasel!!

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Haha, I think I am already addicted! Big Smile   And thanks for the welcome all!

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Hello all.

Just wanted to say hi, I joined last night but between studying computer languages and my nieces running amok behind me, I'm just now getting around to it. 

My name's Jeni, and I'm mostly a writer, fantasy genre.  I doodle every once in a while (bad Jen *swat*, I should practice more), but I'm better with words.  I've been in Elfwood and deviantART, but neither are really doing 'it' for me.  Whatever 'it' is.  I know that few people like to read obnoxiously long stories on their computer screens, but I'm trying to be more than a lurker now.

I'm not online a lot due to computer problems (just sent my laptop in to get fixed for the 2ND time in the 6 months I had it  Mad ), but feel free to send me a message.