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I know how you feel, if only a little bit. Everytime I tried to bring up that anything was wrong in my past relationship, I was just brushed off and "everything was fine", or "you're worrying over nothing." It was NOT nothing because I had FELT it. I hate when people brush away your feelings. If you feel as though something is important, whether he agrees or not, that doesn't make it LESS important. If it's important to you, it should be important to him, too! If he doesn't want to open up to you, how in the hell are you supposed to feel about opening up to him? It's like, give, give, give, and then nothing in return. An emotional void... and that's not good for a relationship.


I don't know what I can say for advice, because when I get into that sort of situation, I just run... and I didn't have a horrible childhood or anything like that, but i know what anxiety feels like... I'm thinking that maybe you should see a counselor or someone to help you through the situation and give you the courage to speak up when you have something to say to him.


It's hard to say your feelings when feel as though the other person isn't listening or doesn't care. It's very scary to think that someone is judging you over what you can't help. I hope everything works out for you.

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My best wishes to you!!

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Over 50k and still going! Awesome Grin What was your story about??


Oh, it's just a Harry Potter fanfiction. (You can find it here: )It's at just over 90,000 words now. Which is sad considering I wrote the first 50,000 in one month. Hopefully I'll have it finished by november!!

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Stop focusing on the bad things and the good things will last longer Smile

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This is a hard decision and one that I've struggled a lot with in my own life. I LOVE to write and draw, and started out with a graphic design major... which quickly went sour when my classes were so incredibly boring that I couldn't stand it anymore. I switched schools and became an english major... to which I got my BA in. But what I discovered is that even though writing and drawing are things I love, making money off of them is not my cup of tea.

It's DRAINING to be told what to draw, and what to write. To me, it feels like someone is stealing my creativity and holding it for ransome or something. I hate it.

So here I am, back in school, persuing something else I'm interested in. (i'm in school to be a radiologic technician as I love the medical field) So while medical stuff doesn't give me the same thrill as writing and drawing, it's still enjoyable. This way I can do my OWN personal art and writing projects and still have a job that I enjoy. (not to mention enough money to move out of my parents house. lol)

Hope this helps!

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I'm for SURE participating!!! My name over there is: irishgirl982. What is everyone else's names??

Last year I finished over 50,000, but my book is still going on... lol. I plan on hopefully finishing it before november to start my new book. I'm thinking about doing fanfiction again... unless I come up with some brilliant idea before then.

What are you guys doing for your stories? Any brilliant ideas?

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That's a very sad situation, and I'm sorry that you find yourself stuck in the middle of it. And I quite honestly feel it would have been better if the cops WOULD have picked him up that night. I work in an ER and we have people brought in by the cops that are so drunk that they're incoherant (much like your friend) and there's HELP there. There are social workers that can find a detox bed for him, and help him get other help as well.

I think what you need to do is give him an ultimatum. Tell him that you're sick of dragging him around, and you're sick of hanging out with a friend who's always passing out all the time.  Tell him that he needs to get help (ie... REHAB!) or you can no longer subject yourself to be his friend. Make it clear that if he DOES choose rehab, you will support him 100% in every way.

This might work better as an intervention though if you can get several people together to tell him the whole thing. When he realizes that no one who cares about him will be there for him if he doesn't get help, he might actually see going as his only option.

I think you already knew this answer, but it's a really hard decision to come by... especially when you care about the person.

I wish you and him the best of luck.

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I've been thinking about checking that out, but toning is so much work already... not to mention learning to use a whole nother program. I might buy it when I have more time in my life. LOL

But if I did have the time, I'd be SO on it.