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Contact Information
-Note/Private Message/etc me
-Email me iceyarticuno[at]
-AIM me bekahsaurus
-YIM me korsithkoris
-MSN me kori_lagelos_schneider[at]
-FurAffinity at IceyArticuno

-DeviantART at KorsithKoris
-Y!Gallery at KorsithKoris (possibly IceyArticuno as well)
-Paperdemon at IceyArticuno

-Will draw: Ask and ye shall know.
-Won't draw: Ask and ye shall know.

Materials used
-Card stock paper, 8 1/2x11
-Prismacolor markers
-Prismacolor colored pencils
-Crayola colored pencils
-Gelly roll pens
-Average hb mechanical pencil
-Click eraser

AKA: Keep scrolling DOWN.

Shipping and handling
Not automatic, have to ask for me to send you the original work.
-Shipping via standard US mail is free for bookmarks, ACEOs and chibis -small orders only, basically. Cannot guarantee that they will come undamaged to your home.
-Shipping via US mail parcels is 3$
-International shipping is 5$

Payment Methods
-Concealed cash
-Check, cashier's check or money order
-Paypal iceyarticuno[at]
-Paypal fee calculator here so that I can be ensured to receive the full amount:
Tips appreciated.

-How to NOTE me with your INFORMATION for WHAT you WANT-
-1. Look below and at my gallery, decide what you want.
-2. NOTE me here or at one of the other locations I have shared to reserve a slot.
-3. Exchange with me your information:
-3a. Your name and/or who it is for.
-3b. Contact (AIM/Email/etc)
-3c. What you want (from list here or from examples in MY GALLERY)
-3d. Lamination/Shipping Yes/No (if it applies)
-3e. Due Dates (if there is one)
-3f. Payment Method (paypal, concealed cash, etc)
-3g. Reference Images (for characters wanted, any and all please)
-3h. Additional information (anything else that may apply - what themes you may want, specific colors, emotions, interactions, etc for each and every one of the items you are wishing me to draw and if you want things more open ended - say so!)

Note I DO appreciate payment BEFORE I start. I will now REQUIRE you pay before I post on dA or wherever and ESPECIALLY before I mail it to you. I will share with you a TINY version of the scanned in art to show level of completeness/etc unless I have a good working/personal relationship with you.

*I've been musing about making up receipts for these so...yeah. You may get one, free of charge just so you know what I did for you. <3
*Bulk orders can cause prices to be bundled together and deals can be made. Ask me if you're curious. I try to do this normally anyway.
*Full payment in advance not required but appreciated, can work with doing a half and half deal.

-- These are all CUT commission prices.

Current Prices
Note that all of these may change depending on complexity and how much of my materials they end up using. I'm trying to do a bare minimum here considering I have barely enough paper, markers and colored pencils to do as much as I should be able to. Everything can be discussed before and afterwards, negotiating price and whatnot.

-$4 - $5 each
-Additional characters cost .50 cents
-Come colored and laminated for protection.
-No mailing costs for small orders (aka that which fits well into a regular envelope).
-Uniform size is trading card sized: 2.5x3.5 approximately.
EXAMPLES// , , , ,

-$5 - $6 each
-Additional characters cost .50 cents
-.75 cents for tassels.
-Come colored and laminated for protection
-No extra mailing cost for small orders (aka that which fits well in a regular envelope).
-Uniform bookmark size: 2x7 approximately.
EXAMPLES// , more to come!

-$1 for one, $2 for two, and an additional .50 cents for each after that.
-Always comes colored, maybe laminated, ask.
-Approximate size is anywhere from 2 - 3 inches.
-No mailing cost for small orders (aka that which fits nicely into an envelope).
EXAMPLES// , more to come!

Inked art
-From $10 - $20
-Additional characters anywhere from $5 - $10
-Paper is usually standard 8 1/2x11
EXAMPLES// to come!

Colored Artwork
Unfortunately may end up being just as expensive as it was before, due to the fact that I am really, really lacking materials. I may not do them at all, you'd have to approach me and ask me. ~_~;
-$10 - $40
-Additional characters $5 - $20
-Paper size standard 8 1/2x11, looking at cutting them in half, may change prices. ASK.
EXAMPLES//To come!

-Backdrop: to be updated!
-Background: to be updated!
-Full background: to be updated!

-ACEO Packages: to be updated!
-Character bundles: to be updated!
-Bookmark Packages: to be updated!
-Chibi packages: to be updated!

- None currently, a majority of these are already on sale.

- See something you like in my gallery and want it replicated? Please tell me!

Commission Stats

Open Slots
1. package deal (2 ACEOs, 1 Bookmark and 1 page of inks, free coloring)
2. working out some deal/need further information (4 ACEOs, 5 Bookmarks, and 5 chibis so far)
3. deciding on some form of deal(4 chibis, 1 inked piece + 1 freebie)
4. [open]
5. [open]
6. [open]
7. [open]
8. [open]

Waiting List
1. [open]
2. [open]
3. [open]
4. [open]
5. [open]

Finished Commissions
-none as of now


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Sephiroth from FF7. Big Smile My drug of choice for many years now.

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There is one thing - as I've seen it there are a lot of people who do not understand exactly what "bishonen" or "biseinen" are. And also for some of us that do, the character could be considered older but happens to look young as bishonen means, literally, "beautiful BOY". Biseinin is anyone who is typically in their twenties and older - older man. I think the confusion between what to classify some characters as caused many prblems..

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 Okay, I'm taking forever to get to Kenji and I apologize, I've been swamped suddenly and I've been trying to work through it. TT^TT

I promise promise promise I'll have a lineart up sooner or later! TT^TT Or I'll eat myself for you.

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 That's quite the typo. 0_0; *dies* Alright, look like Ill get to it once I have time again this weekend. *sighs* Hooray! 8D

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 Okay, I give up.

I have NO idea who "Kenity" is, so if SOMEONE could please point them out to me for the SS, I'd be much obliged. No one seems interested in responding to me anywhere as to who that is. *headdesk* 

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I have a problem, I would love to even start but since I have no idea who in the world I have, I am unable to even sketch. The person I emailed doesn't seem to be getting back to me at all and I'm getting desperate.

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I'd love to join but first... I have to figure out how to get it to look nice. 0_o; *shoots something* Uhh... pick and choose form here to make it easier. XD

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Topic: Oops.

Inde: XD hello again. Smile Ark: ...I BUZZ YOU NOWZ. *cough* Sorry, I just really want to improve and someone that offers something is like...awesome. <3 Much loves.

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Topic: Oops.

Well, looks like I FINALLY figured out that there was an introduction area. ^^; I'm not much of a social person, to be perfectly honest, if anything I'm a bit socially backwards but hey! That can change. I guess I'm just dropping in to say hello and this place looks like it'd be a ton of fun. Smile Some quick things about me uhm... I'm in Colorado, I love to draw (or I wouldn't be here for the most part), I'm on FA (though I'm not really a furry), Y!Gallery, DA and now here. And all under the same name, believe it or not. I've had this name since I was like...12 or earlier. Tongue I was a child of the Pokemon age, what can I say. Uhm...largely in my gallery currently most of my stuff just happens to be in the RC area. I'm trying to change that but first I'm gonna need some paper and I'm actually going to have to finish the mounds of art I have drawn and inked already. I'm really hoping that here I may be able to get some feedback as I'm desperately trying to improve. Self taught basically from day one. ...and uhm. Ya. Whee? See peeps around, yo!