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Yay! Congrats to you goldfish! Big Smile  

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LOL...this is awesome. Okay here's mine.

You know you are from California when the government passes a budget with MASSIVE tax increases, MASSIVE borrowing, is still running a 20+ BILLION dollar deficit and calles it BALANCED! 

You know you are in California when a semi-truck goes by and you throw youself under the desk.

You know you are from California when 'illegal aliens' are referenced to as 'undocumented immigrants'.

You know you are from California when it starts raining and the local news media immediately goes to STORM WATCH coverage and accidents on the roads spike. (since we don't know how to drive in rain here...)

You know you are from California when its 65 degrees outside and you put on a jacket.

You know you are from California when your governor is elected to office mainly because people were angry at the tax abuses...and has now turned his back on the tax payers and has elected to 'fix' the budget by...raising taxes! 

You know you are in California when you hear a M-80 go off and you hit the floor.

You know you are in California when you see little white poodles walking around with their nails painted.


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I do think that the best advise is to stay out of it and do not say anything, have an opinion, or take sides. I have been in a similar situation in that I had a couple of my best friends fight and hate eachother for a long time. However, they eventually made up. The point being is that, eventually your friends will probably make up with eachother and you do not want to have said anything negative about the situation (unless it is something that is an obvious wrongdoing committed that goes against your morality). They will evenentually work it out and you don't want to have taken sides because they will remember this and then you might be the one they are mad at. 

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On Mar 18, 2009 10:17 pm, Animeiac said:

On Mar 18, 2009 8:45 am, DMoontear said:

No offense Animeiac, but what is the point of asking these rhetorical questions?


I'm confused about life. I am always asking it questions but I never get any straigth answers. Nobody tells me the truth of every thing.


What is the reality of reality?

I think your questions are too open ended for anyone to answer. Perhaps you could be a little more direct and ask questions given in a certian instance or context? The truth of everything and the reality of reality is just a little bit difficult for any person to in its very nature is confusing and people spend their entire lives trying to figure it all out...but perhaps that in itself is the point. Wink

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Hi there HelloKat! Welcome to Paper Demon, I hope you enjoy yourself here! Smile  

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Oh my goodness. Now I've seen everything!


I think I'll just stick to my way of taking care of things...if the bathrooms are gross I just sort of hover and I've had no problems...I don't need that thing to help me. Besides, on their site they mention putting that thing in the dishwasher!? Ahem, no thanks! 

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Like with many things in this world, there is always a happy medium that needs to be maintained. I would liken unmoderated forums to complete anarchy where there is a power vacume and no one is around to maintain law and order or deliver justice. Sort of like the wild wild west was back in the 1800s ....or how the Mexican border is right now   However, the same thing can apply to the other extreme when you get forum moderators who's purpose in life is to rule with an iron fist,I call them---Stalin-mods! Hahaha 

Anyway, I think there is a middle ground that needs to be maintained so that things don't get out of hand in either direction.

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Topic: Hello ^^

Welcome to PD lisea18!  

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Topic: Hi :)

Welcome Doku-Sama! Hope you like it here at PD  

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I'm sensing a lot of awesomeness here! Big Smile