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Topic: SNES Games

Hmm, well, the ones that stuck out most for me were Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars, Secret of Evermore, and of course, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past.

Super Mario is, as the name says, an RPG, which also includes 2 characters never heard of then, or now even, Mallow and Geno. You also get to play Bowser in this game Wink Great fun for any Mario lover, as well as the only darned RPG for Mario and his pals -.- Except Luigi ,who oddly never appears in this, heh 0.o *I wish they'd re-make this on DS or something, like they did with a bunch of other SNES really does deserve re-play value, even now =(*

Secret of memories a little foggy on this one, but I had borrowed it, and it's mainly about you, a boy who becomes lost in a new and fascinating world, with his pet dog lol. It's sort-of like an RPG, but only you and your believe are the ones you use throughout the whole game lol. I feel it's RP-ISH because you're able to craft different weapons and armors from different materials and such that you find off the monsters you face, but don't control anything else like more characters s most RPGs do nowadays. Was a little hard for me to understand way back when, but it's beatable, and fun to work through, playing with all the weapons available.


And L.O.Z..well, that's just a timeless old tale of the hero saves the princess, or in this case..multiple princess, as well as the land of Hyrule from an evil sorcerer. Classic Link stuff. Bosses and dungeons, weapons, and don't forget the currency..RUPIES! Those glittering jewels of color! Hack and aslh your way through much of the game with a sword and shield and new weapons you aquire as you push further into the game, which each weapon has a purpose for helping you progress....LOVE this game.

That's all I can think of for now, I'll post some more if I think of them later. Hope that helps.

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How about "Ace of Paperdemon *PD*" or just "Ace" for another high level idea? And then..another for Low-rank could be student. This is a far fetch idea, but what about teacher for a high rank, because, sort-of, if you're way up there with that many comments, you'd more than likely have enough experience at commenting to people, you'd be giving/teaching advice to whomever it is you're commenting/critiqing. Do you get what I'm saying? #_#;;

Here's another way out one lol.."Enflamed PD Demon" maybe? for a intermediate or high level. could be on fire for the number of comments you've dished out, and you keep going with 'em..ya you're on a roll? Lol. I'm trying to get unique with the names, so long as they're not ball-park whacked lol.

Ohhh, what a "PD Bombarder"? You know, someone likes to comment people alot, so that could be a rank name for someone in intermediate or high level.

Okay, I'm out of brainstorms for now lol. What is our list up to now btw Bogus?

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On Jan 23, 2007 9:51 pm, arkillian said:

On BBA's idea- not gender specific, cause some people would rather be "genderless" on the internet for their own reasons, but a THEMED ranking- like PD version, Zelda version, medieval version etc... Small gimiky thing, but it's cool Smile

BBA- with the Acolyte thing- if I went WTF on it, it's DEFIENTLY not suitable. Besides, I think tapping into obviously religious titles is a bad idea- PD may get biasness.

The other option is that the user has the choice to turn the commenting thing off?

Ah okay, I thought when you put "WTF?" you were meaning you didn't get what the heck it was XD lol. Oh well, it explains for others anyhow who might not ^^;;

I don't mind not having a gender shown in the title, I just thought I might put it out there, after all, never hurts to ask Corky Smile Title-wise, I'm for just about any title that's thought of. And the ones we have thus' far are looking pretty good. How many exactly are we looking for btw?? Or, how many for each level??

And yah, I'd like to see some more oppinions from the rest of the community, it'd really help having some more ideas, and would speed up the selection process having more for bogus to pick from. For the most part, I've seen mainly the same people discussing it. I know there's more than just us out there lol XD.

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Lemme explain an Acolyte for ya Arkillian  Corky Smile  Well, they're a certain class of Holy person basically, like how you have certain orders in a church. BUUUT I was thinking it could be like a devotee of sorts, Paperdemon-wise, and not thought of so much as Religously, rather make the religoun, Paperdemon. Hope that helps Arkillian ;D

Okay hmm Peon... does sound a little degrading, so what about novice? It's lower-class, and EVERYONE starts out as a novice till they work their way up. And instead of a peasant, maybe a civilian or citizen? Oh, and for another High level idea, what about an Idol? As in the, type refered to as being worshiped. But in this case, it'd be an idol becase they're in the top ranks Corky Smile And Hero of time, we COULD re-word it to be, Hero of the Ages, oh, also, we DO have female members on this site, so we can't forget Heroine either if we use Hero XD. Another idea I thought of, is Path-walker, one who is trying to advance to a higher level, so maybe that would be a lower-rank?

A tiny little question, is it possible to make the rank system able to recognize a Male/Female member when it bestows a rank to a person, because some names can go both ways, such as Hero/Heroine like I said above, so I was thinking, if you were able to integrate that into the system, it might make the titles a little more unique for each person being a different gender.

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Military is an interesting idea, I know there's a BIG long list of the different ranks for those *Especially after seeing a list of them once from a friend lol*

I went and TRIED to think of some more names, but anime/video game names was a little harder to come up with >.>

Anyways, here's some more:
























Indomitable being

Otherwordly Being



And for an anime-ish one, I could only think of Ronin =/

Anyhow, some of those could go for either Low level OR Mid level, depends on your oppinion. Keep coming with the ideas though, and a vote also sounds nice Corky Smile

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Hmm, well, if you were going for a midevil type theme, there's ALOT of choices, relating to soldier/army types than has been suggested thus far, but I like that idea..There's also Pikemen,Grenadier's,Phalanx,Footmen...then if it's leaning closer to fantasy..DragonKnight, Master of "etc etc"..and yadda yadda yadda lol.

Uhm, as for other ideas. Yeah, I wouldn't lean so much in the direction of characters from different Anime shows and/or video games, not EVERYONE would know zah heck you're talking about, mythical, fantasy, or art-related, because of what the site is pertaining to, sounds more appealing. But adding ELITE and adjectives like those won't hurt. I'll post more as I think on 'em..give me something to ponder at work lol...

Once the names start getting categorized and then sorted as to what is chosen for the main theme, it'll be easier to come up with the names and have them proper order.

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On Jan 18, 2007 11:54 pm, BogusRed said:
On Jan 18, 2007 8:46 pm, Jill V. -S.T.A.R.S. said:

So what I'm trying to say is maybe before members can post an artwork or writing they have to comment on at least one or two. Maybe have a feature where if they comment on a certain amount say like they comment on five pictures or stories/poems it keeps track so say after you post five pictures you'll have to comment again to gain more comment points or whatever. It doesn't have to be permanent maybe only until people get back in to the flow of leaving comments. has a system somewhat like that. You gain points by commenting and to post in certain galleries you have to spend points. I have a strong distaste for the acme animation site but the site does have a few good ideas.

I'm against anything that forces members to comment before posting any submissions. It's kind of like a punishment for those who aren't as active here or for the newer members. I'd rather have some sort of reward for those who do comment instead.

One thing I noticed about the Nintendo forums is that they have something like 20 different ranks. And I somehow got addicted to posting on there purely because i wanted to raise my rank. It's kind of like the addiction in Everquest where people spend hours and hours building their characters. The only thing we need to decide on is the rank names and requirements.Here's the forum rank list for nintendo's forums:
The Rank Thread (scroll down to the second post that says "The Stats"

Pay particular attention to the rank of Sage. These members are hand picked and get a triforce icon next to their name as well as other bonus features. I think ranks would be enough to get people to start commenting. And those that reach the top ranks can get free premium account memberships.

Does that sound good?


After I saw Jil's message in the post, I started thinking about instead of making people comment just to post their own, I was thinking what if people were given points and then ranks for the amount of comments they've given others, a reward and such. Awesome you thought along the same line Bogus XD *I was mainly getting my inspiration from the online game, GuildWars where you gain a title and rank for that title based on how much and what you've done,which also changes the NAME of the title as well,while you progress*.

Idea Example: Rank 1 "Such and such title" (comment point total etc.)

What if along those lines,as well as the prize idea of yours Bogus, you get extra points on the type of comment you made on something, such as roast me comments, for those that really try to give a person an honest and full roast, they'd get more points for giving someone that, than they would recieve with just a comment about how much they like the piece and why. *Shrug,I'm shootin the breeze lol* Try to categorize it in some way is what I'm trying to get at. My only problem I see is how you'd give people that already have comments given to others, you'd know what to give, if this system was actually implemented..I'm not a computer or HTML guru whiz or anything, so I don't know how all that stuff works >.<

I'd say the comment ranks is indeed an interesting idea. I'd like to hear more from other members though D: Get them thinking caps on!! Remember no idea is a dumb one o.o

Edit: I was thinking, how would one stop people from making quickie little comments on something like..."ZoMg that rox, coolies" Soo, what if there had to be a set amount of letters in what you typed or a certain length I mean..for the comment. People would start trying to make use of the comment ranks by just spamming comments to everyone to anyone and any picture just to get the ranks, so there needs to be some type of No-go to prevent it... You know what I mean XD.

Also there'd need to be a restriction, say you make a comment, and someone responds, and then you respond back to the artist's comment about your comment on their picture. You should probably only get the points towards the rank for just the first comment, and not just multiple posts....but then again..people could say they are offering information, as well, in the posts after the first, because the artists asked for more input or something...Oh man my brains all frazzled lol. @[email protected]

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Topic: Shaftation

I'd be emo too if my computer had to have windows utterly re-installed o.o What in the world would make that happen??? Were you trying to do some file cleaning or it just crashed oddly? 0.o I keep alot of files on my computer..especially files that contain reminders for myself of well as picture references..zillions of those..eesh..gaming stuff...oh dear..I'd go about crazy re-installing the lot of that ;_;  I've sort-of been through that feeling..with an older computer of mine that had somehow gotton a password to lock windows put on it, and nobody in the house knew who the bloody heck did it or what the blazing password we had to get into the boot menu or something and change the processes around by which the computer loads and reads its data so we could reset it o.0 THEN we had to delete aton of programs which were corrupting other files in the computer. @[email protected] And I had to do that not once but TWICE rofl...The good thing was the computer was a real peace of crap compared to what I have now...And was eheh..always shutting off or..freezing..on me ^_^;; But yeah..the plus side is you can start anew and not worry about the junk that you didn't need XD. Good luck getting back what you need/want o.o
Gah, I'm always out of the loop when it comes to the REALLY good anime to have to see XD. I was really looking foward to seeing both the shows saturday night, just seeing the commercials for them got me going. I hadn't heard of Trinity of Blood till they showed the commercials, but I HAD heard of people mentioning Bleach before *as in the were avid about it and recomended seeing it* Well, I can most deffinately say I liked them both. Not only that, but they actually have some good action to em'. Trinity Blood really looks cool, I already like vampires and things like that, so when they introduced a vampire that feeds off Vampires I was flipping out from Histericalness, to an omg that rocks XD. Now Bleach, in a little way, it reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho, Soul Reapers<>Spirit Detective o.o. Anyways, I liked the start of it, helping the soul of a girl find peace. And then it jumps further in with the soul reaping and Zanbatou *spelled right??* Lol, effing huge sword XD. did he take all that power he wasn't supposed to, or was it accident o.o. Okay I talk to much lol, but like I said I liked em both. So I say keep em going and I give them 2 two thumbs up. AS picked a good duo.

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Woo, thanks Yuuki, those sites helped Big Smile . I can finally save and actually have the picture showing, AND load when I go to open it, AND save in JPEG lol. Thanks to everyone else as well who tried to help me, much appreciated Corky Smile .

*Wonder why my pictures stopped displaying when they used to in the first place o.o;;*