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Ok From what I've been told by my friend, all the Secret Santa's have been handed out. If you've forgotten yours you hvae to e-mail Erik at cuz I don't know who got who other then whom I got.

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On Dec 3, 2007 7:01 am, Dollmaker said:

So, when do we find out who's doing what for whom?


December 5th is when we will find out.

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My Request:

As always I would love it if someone could draw my character Kuro for me. I have a few images of him in my gallery.

art thumb art thumb art thumb

Kuro was born into a happy family and lived a great life till the age of three. That was when everything was taken away from him. His parents were murdered and he was taken in by an evil man he called 'The Red Demon'. He was beaten by the red demon day and night being told that he had great powers and was to use them. He never learned how to use these great powers until the age of 16 in which he use them to destroy the red demon. After that he became known as the dark emperor. His goal was to destroy this world and create a new one.

At most times Ken's expression is a sad one. Though he is never seen crying his eyes tell of great sorrow. However he dies have a hot temper. If his plains are spoiled or he happens to be in a bad mood and you talk to him... watch out! He might try to chop of your head. As for smiling? Nothing makes him happier then getting his own way. He loves picking on innocent souls and has a habit of smiling when doing so.

Note that as a child his wings are a pretty Yellow. They turned black after he killed the Red Demon using shadow magic at the age of 16.

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Christmas is sneaking up on us. It’s the time of year that we all just love to give to others! And what better way then to draw request pictures for someone else. Now I would like to draw everyone’s request myself but of course I know I can’t.
 So, as you may have guessed by now, I was thinking of organizing a Secret Santa Art Trade.
All you have to do is post your request here. Then on the December 5th I will scramble up your names and randomly chose someone on the list to draw your request. All requested drawings for your secret Santa are due from December 24th to January 1st. We all understand that you may have family or friends to spend time with during Christmas and you may not be able to get online that’s why it doesn’t have to be in until the 1st of January.
  • Only post your request if you’re willing to draw someone else’s request.
  • Keep your request simple. Only ask for them to draw one or two characters please.
  • If you believe you are going to be late handing in your requested drawing please note me and I will note the Requester.
  • Please don’t submit the requested picture before the 24th.
  • Do not tell your secret Santa that your there secret Santa! That would ruin the surprise!

When you submit your picture (on Dec 24st to Jan 1st) Post it here too so we may all see.

Keep in mind that we need at lest 5 people to join by December 5th for the Secret Santa Art Trade to work.
Secret Santa’s:



Jill V. -S.T.A.R.S.


Chief Icy Sunset







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  • Name of Character: Kuro
  • Link of some pics: art thumb art thumb
  • Approx age: 20
  • Hair colour and Eye colour: Dark blue and dark blue
  • Dress sense: Black robs, sometimes with gold trimmings. If the robs are off he would have simple white or black sleeveless shirt underneath with black pants. He really has no sense of colour.
  • Stuff they're into: Taking land as his own, beating up others, getting his own way, and for some reason he loves sunflowers though he wont tell you so.
  • Stuff they're not into: Losing, being told no, dancing
  • Stuff they can do: He has a bit of shadow magic and is good with a sword.
  • Any other notable quirks: He is known for having a short temper and being much too full of himself. He is very protective over his cat, Lora. He can't seem to get with any woman (or man) he likes


  • Name of Character: Aden
  • Link of some pics: art thumb
  • Approx age: 25
  • Hair colour and Eye colour: Blondish white, Bright Green Eyes
  • Dress sense: Anything fancy
  • Stuff they're into: Sharing, helping others in need, anything that will make someone else happy
  • Stuff they're not into: Fighting, war and anything along that lines
  • Stuff they can do: Good with a sword, has a bit of light/holy magic and he is rather wise for his age
  • Any other notable quirks: Pretty much is your average day, kind hearted man. At times he can be a little too opened minded. (Can't see in picture but he has large white wings)

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Murr... I didn't even think of that for some reason. Now to prove why I need a Ghost writter lol. Thank you for the help Arkillian ^_^



A young boys life is torn apart when his family and safe solitude is stripped away from. Taken in by a man they called the Red Demon, Kuro is beaten and tortured for fourteen years. On the thirteen year he escapes the clutches of the Red Demon, captor’s kingdom become unknown as the one and only Dark Emperor.

 For two years Kuro’s mind is set on creating a new world; One free from racism, war and slavery. The only man who seemed to stand in the way of his dream is Aden, emperor of (No final name yet). From the day Kuro came into power, Aden had been against him keeping all of Kuro’s armies from moving forward with the help of a young hero, Alexander. Despite all off Adan’s attempts to stop Kuro gains the upper edge and there final battle approaches.

That is until a hot tempered woman comes forward. Driven to protect her land and family Azalea comes forward in attempt to change Kuro’s battle tactics but instead captures his heart. Kuro becomes obsessed with trying to woo Azalea, the creation of his new world becoming his secondary worry.

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I don't know about others but often when I click Roast me its because I know there is something wrong with my image or there is room to improve but I don't know where. I don't know if its the colours, lighting, line work or what not. If I already know what is wrong with my picture then I don't need to ask to be roasted. Instead I put it on pot luck and then go to people I know who have allot of skill in that area and ask them.
So yah, I hope that makes sense.


I would post here to have one of my pictures critiqued but like I said, I don't know what is wrong with it to ask for something pacific. I just know it could be better.

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Well seeming as it was the first word in my title I'll start with asking for Critiques. I'm in desperate need to have my first chapter of my novel torn apart so that it may be improved to protection.

Brighter then the sun:

I had it set on 'ROAST ME' but didn't seem to get any feed back. I would be ever so happy if someone could read and tell me should stay and what should go. If more info is needed on the story to do so then I will be more then happy to give it. Thank you to anyone who can help!

Also I am in need of a new ghost writer. Sadly I've run into problems with my last. It is a payed job. Not allot as I don't have much money but my offer is $8 an hour.

I would like to be able to pick the first great writer to put up there hand but sadly I need someone who has the same style as how the first chapter is written. So I'm afraid I will need to see prof that you are capable of writing in the same style. There are exceptions however, such if the first chapter is exactly crappy and needs so much fixing and so on and so on. lol Now I'm probably just confusing you.

Anyway the story is set in a fantasy, medieval time. If you would like  more info on the story or have any other questions please message me.

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Topic: Flying around

Thank you both very much! (Jill and Bogusred) Im really enjoying my time here so far. Everyone is so friendly and People are actually willing to here your stories and idea's and tell you there own.

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Topic: Flying around

Thank you very much ^_^ I shall remember ask if any questions come up