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Your OC has discovered a magical portal to an underwater world. Participate for 60XP

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Hm.  I dunno if you just missed it or what, sooooo I just decided to check, because I posted my chibi request (on the 5th page) but my name isnt on the list for chibis that are pending/done.

So, yeah. ^.^''  Just checking in on that hun.  

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Ooooo hope Im not too late to ask!!! 

Here is a few links to pics of me -




I would like to be wearing that Norma Jean shirt, and if not that then something like a fairy outfit kind of like this -

Fairy outfit

And an acoustic guitar, since Im closer to my acoustic than my electric.

Acoustic guitar

Hm. Oh, and I want my glasses still on from that first pic.  ^.^'' Hope Im not asking for too much. lol

Oh! And my eyes are brown!! ^-^
On Aug 23, 2006 6:24 pm, arkillian said:

Glasses take a bit to get use to cause the feild of vision changes, you have a border around everything, and everything is smaller. Once you've worn them a while though, the mind blocks out the frames. I'm ok with glasses. My strength of perscription makes things difficult, but low powered glasses are ok.

Ooooooooo LoL You have just explained a world of questions to me. Mainly why it is that my computer monitor seems so massive when I wear my contacts as opposed to my glasses. Laughing   Thanks. Thumbs Up

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Oooo! Hi hun! You have been gone for so long!!  I have missed you! ^-^ :hugs:  Im happy things are evening out for you now, and hope things stay that way!!

Love you! :hugs:

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Or Perhaps you are just a tad too negative Lyude.  Or Everyone just has different view on everything, and nothing can be done to change that view. Smile

Its all in different prespective, is what it is.

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I think that the reason that people dream and wish for all this fancy stuff in their weddings is because they want to make sure that this day is memorable, that the day you officially intertwine yourself with that person that you said "yes" or "Will you Marry me?" to, will not be  a later regret to you that you did not make it a better vision, a better memory to keep.

Life is full of memories and I believe everyone wants their memories to be something they can always hold on to.  So We dream of our big beautiful white dresses and our tuxedos, and our large fancy balls, in hopes that maybe these things will become sweet memories of ours to keep forever.

I sure can say I want to have beautiful memories in my life.  And beauty comes in different ways to people, so maybe a big thing isnt what they want, or maybe something completely secluded.  Its just up to a person themselves, I guess.

But just because you feel its unnecsessary or that its quite silly, doesnt mean that its the same to someone else.  Dreams are used for just that.  Dreaming.


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Yay! Welcome Back!  And Aww That is just the cutest little kitty!!

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Topic: What Do I do?

-eye twitch- Third time... I have typed this... And I am about to kill someone...

-deep breath- OK!

I need you to sit down and think to yourself if you really do love all three of these girls. Right now you may be certain of yourself, and be completely assured that you are, but I think I have to place to seed of doubt in your mind, or try to anyway. I need you to  stop and think if you really 'love' each of them.  And I need you to be sure you can absolutely say you would lay your life down for each of them in any given situation without having to think twice about it.  You could be thinking to yourself right now that you would, but I want you to think about it. You would be willing to give everything dear in your life for them? Say goodbye to everyone you care for for them?

I do believe you probably love one of them right now, but the other two I believe might just be either a crush or an infatuation. Sometimes the grey area of like and the silver of love can be melded together so you cant tell which one is which. I just want you to think about the one who has you completely.  Love is a complicated thing, and its not all black and white. Things are said without speaking words, thoughts are read without having a clue what the person is thinking. 

Chemistry is something you probably share with each of them, and that chemistry has ignited a feeling for them each, but which is the one you can truley say to yourself is the one you dont want to give up for anything.

Allison has a point in needing a breather from them to think, but that is probably something you dont want to do. If you do that, and you come to realize Tiffany is the one you love, she might not be willing to go through the on again off again thing. So, although I agree its unfair to Tiffany, I wouldnt say to break up with her or you might lose all chance with her. But once you stop to think about it, and come to realize who is really owner of your heart, then your decisions will be made. In this, its bound to have someone get hurt, but things would only be better for everyone in the end.  To tell someone you love them when you cant really believe it is something that is hard to deal with.

Remember, love means being there through the good and bad,  it means understanding what others would  never comprehend.  Its like a  link almost.

Think about it hun, and dont be rash with what you answer yourself.
I hope This helps you a bit.

Love you,
<3 Mellie &>

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Oh Hello there!  You will really love it here in PaperDemon!  Its a wonderful place.  Not only can you get artistic help her, but in these very forums you can come to us when you need personal help or are feeling down.  I hope you use this wonderful site brought to us by the wonderful BR, to its greatest potential. 

This is a wonderful place to be!  Welcome!


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Oh hunny Im so sorry that this happened to you. You dont need that from them or anyone else.  But in the end it happened, and there is no longer anything to do about it.  Its alright though, these kind of people you encounter all throughout your life.  You have to remember though, dont group them in with all the 'cheerleader-types'. Although they have a very bad image amongst us who are different from them, they arent all bad. I've met many good ones.

But there are bad people of every type and every race and gender who will come around to put you down. Of course it hurts, no human is immune to the pain their words bring. But you have to remember that these same people are the people who have this need to show the world how perfect they are, because they arent.  They know it, and by now Im sure we all know it.  So they come to others and bring them down, that way they look better in comparison. They pull you down low, so where they stay is nearest the level of perfection they want the world to see them in.

I, personally, feel that everyone seeks perfection, but everyone has a different level and way of which they see this perfection. Different standards. It's our own personal perfection we seek.  So we all strive to reach this vision of perfection that we set for ourselves, some more eager than others, some higher than others. Different methods are used to reach this, whether it be just going about it inside yourself, or by making sure that others who are not like you feel as low as low can be.

They Fear that which is different, and thus, they want to push it down as far as they can so that their own view of perfection looks like they are just that much closer to reaching it. Dont bother yourself with those who have trouble reaching their own happiness in this quest we all live through.  They arent to be bothered with.

If this ever happens again, which I am hoping beyond hope wont, well I completely agree with what Arkillian said.

Tell them that atleast you don't have something to prove, unlike them. They'll either get all flustered and leave, or I guess be fueled by it. Depends on how confident you sound. Don't swear at them- never lower yourself. Berate them with truth.

Remember hunny, everyone here in PD loves you, and we are all here to advise you and counsel you. That is what is so great about this community of ours. Smile