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I know there is a difference between "kemonomimi" and "anthro," but for the sake of simplicity, I think it might work to just combine the two categories.  Most people don't differentiate, and I imagine a lot of people that come looking for "kemonomimi" search through Anthro first since kemono is kind of an esoteric term.

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Poser is awesome.  I have managed to improve my anatomy drawing by leaps and bounds thanks to Poser.  You can view a single figure or multiple figures from any angle you want.  It's great.  The version I have is called Poser Figure Artist, though it seems to have issues with Vista (runs, but is really slow -- could also just be my computer).  At any rate, it will make things a ton and a half easier for you.

The other thing I personally recommend is tracing, especially if you can get ahold of Poser and have access to a tablet.  It actually helps tremendously because the information on how things fit together will settle into your mind if you do it right. 

Here's step-by-step for what I did:

  1. Take a model in Poser and position it how you like.  Don't do something too simple, but don't go too complex either.  Find a nice, dynamic pose and put it in an interesting angle (if I remember, I'll post an example)
  2. Draw the "wireframe" setup.  You know, put the balls where joints are, a box for the chest, and lines for the straight parts of the arms and legs.  Do this on a layer above the original model.  Don't spend a lot of time here, just draw swift, light strokes that get the point across.  I tend to do this in light blue in Photoshop. (again, if I remember later, I'll post an example)
  3. Using both the "wireframe" and the Poser model as a guide, flesh out the figure in a different color on another layer (I use purple).  You can add clothing to this layer or, using another layer and color, add the clothing on top -- either is fine.
  4. Clean it up.  Use black and another layer on top and draw a cleaner version of the lineart.

Make sure you actually do the "wireframe" step because that, more than anything, is what will help you learn.  After a few months of doing Poser-traced wire drawings, I found that I could much more clearly see how body parts connected in different angles.  I still do this sometimes when I want to try a more complex pose and angle.  It's not completely infallible, but it's helped me tremendously.

If you don't have Poser/similar thing and a tablet, you can use photographs.  Find magazines, images online, even images in drawing books and trace them on a separate sheet of paper or make a photocopy and trace on that.  The concept is the same either way, but the important part is doing the wire drawing, since it provides the most basic understanding of where things go.

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Haha, this sounds like fun.  Here goes.

1. Oasis in my pants (Tarja Turunen)

2. Our Great Divide in my pants (Tarja Turunen)

3. Midna in Distress in my pants (LMAO)

4. Chocobo-Chocobo in my pants (That's what that itch is)

5. Welcome to Our Town in my pants (o_________o)

6. The Battle in my pants (Oh baby)

7. Meta Knight's Revenge in my pants (This gets worse and worse)

8. Sadness in the Night in my pants (>_> I am feeling inadequate)

9. Hyrule Field in my pants

10. Minor Heaven in my pants (A little better)

11. Souran Illusion in my pants

12. Theme of Love in my pants

13. Wild Pokemon Battle in my pants (WTF)

14. Over the Hills and Far Away in my pants

15. Walking in the Air in my pants (I wouldn't want to walk in that air...)

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Topic: Hello!

Thank you!  So far, seems great! Big Smile   I'm already hooked by how friendly everyone is.

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Topic: Hello!

Hello, everyone!  I'm new here, linked through dA.  Not a whole lot to say, except that hopefully I'll have the wherewithal to remember to come back and check this site regularly Wink

Looks like a good place, though, so I'll try and keep on top of it.  Looking forward to seeing you all around!