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1/ Why do you think people are commenting less on your work nowdays?

I definitely haven't been submitting much lately, what with school and all. Tongue And I forget who said it, but I agree with whoever was talking about the whole 'fanart' thing. People are more likely to comment on things they like or on things by people they are friends with, just because it's easier.

2/ Why do you not comment on art?

I haven't had enough time since school started, but now that winter break is coming around for me, I should be able to again soon. Smile I really like critiquing (although I do tend to coat the bad stuff with 50 layers of sugar), but I have to be in the mood to look things up to justify what I'm saying because sometimes I'm really really WRONG... Laughing . Also, as it was mentioned before, some people who pick 'Roast Me' don't really seem to want to be roasted. I don't want to spend a long time researching and giving good advice to someone who doesn't want it (or not try to use it, and end up making the same mistakes)!

3/ How can we fix this problem for you (if you don't comment much), or them (if you comment HEAPS Wink Hug )?

If you could get rid of all my homework, that would be nice Grin lol!

Seriously, I'm not really sure...watching is a good place to get started, especially the galleries because then it will be easier to people to find things they feel like commenting.

Tutorials are good as well. Maybe some people just don't know how to give good comments. OR RATHER, maybe more people don't know how to receive constructive crits. >_> But I don't think you can write a tutorial about that. Laughing

EDIT (omg): On Dec 16, 2006 12:29 pm, eegirlee said:
Tutorial for writing critiques? *giggle* Sounds like fun! Big Smile It would be usefull too. But who would write the guidelines for that?

Actually, my photography teacher gave us a sheet on how to critique pictures! Laughing Maybe I should post it if critique tutorials are wanted.

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On Jul 23, 2006 4:10 pm, LarknessWitchCraft said:



Hmm, nice english there.

Clearly, they aren't the ones ones "the with" power either, seeing as this is Susie's site and if they sign up, they have to follow her rules. How ridiculous! You can't complain about doing something that is against the rules. It's not like it's an unreasonable rule either, it's against PLAGIARISM (and spamming, etc.)!

And how the heck is Vincent Valentine deeply hurt?! " OH MOM, I GOT BANNED FROM A SITE BECAUSE I *STOLE* STUFF FROM OTHERS EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CLEARLY AGAINST THE RULES, WAH WAH WAH." I'm thinking the people who were stolen from would be more hurt.

Vincent Valentine should take their banned time and spend it developing their own skills so that one day they can post things on a site and feel proud because it's their own work.

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Topic: Your Avatar

Mine is a spinning MegaMan! Big Smile (back away while you still can, a crazed fangirl is present Laughing ) Wish I could say that his spinning around represented something, but nah, I just found it cute.  Smile

Wonder if he gets dizzy...

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You'll be surprised that writing requires as much thought as art to be a good story- the difference between a good picture and a bad one is talent, imagination, composition, and colour ands stuff, right? It's similar with books. Storyline, speed, character development, and description. Most beginners with have a very crude style in comparision to after they learn stuff about writing. It may not look like its hard, but writing DOES take time to develope to pro level too. For anyone that cares...

Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you there Smile In our english class this past semester, we analyzed stories and picked and picked at them until there was nothing left. I learned a lot about the more subtle things in writing, and about how much thinking goes into writing a good story. Yes Nothing comes easy...

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Writing is a fun pastime for me, but I'm gonna say that I'm more of an artist. Since kindergarten, it's been my dream to do computer animation some day. Although I've been into drawing for as long as I can remember, I didn't start drawing seriously until about 4 years ago. I regret that, because if I had practiced when I was younger, I'd be a lot better now. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that art takes time. A whole LOT of time. Big Smile It also takes a lot of patience. So, I don't think it's artistic talent that anyone needs, it's more if you can handle how long it takes to get better (sometimes I wonder if I can, lol).

And that's my two cents. Nerd *runs off*

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I'm SOOOOO excited for the Wii! I've already started saving up Grin ! All the games that are supposed to come out with it sound really fun and I wish I could play them all! The first one I'm going for is Wario Ware: Smooth Moves...

As for rating the release plan, I'd give it a 10! There are so many different kinds of games coming out, there's got to be at least one game that appeals to everyone. Big Smile

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I remember! It was summer, and I wanted to join an art site. Unfortunately, Sheezy (curse it!  It sucks anyway Tongue ) was down for practically the whole summer, and I didn't really like DA that much. So, I went to google, and looked up 'Art Sites' and put 'Sheezy' and 'Deviant' in it, as examples.

Then, I came across a discussion on one of the boards guys were talking about sheezy, deviant and Y!Gallery...and then I browsed around, and decided that this was the site for me! Corky Smile

P.S. I invited GoddessOfOddness here... Tongue

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Wahh! School is sucking up all of my internet time!!  I only have time to check in for a few minutes! Also, my scanner is giving me troubles. I do have some stuff ready though...I'm hoping that I can upload it soon.

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Hmmm...I have a lot of fave songs lying around...I'd have to say that it's a tie between:

Can't Stop-RHCP
Around the World-RHCP
Highway Stage-MMX 7
Jounetsu Setsuna-MMX Command Mission original soundtrack, sung by Asami Abe (I don't know why...I just really like it Wacko )

Oooh, finnish metal? Sounds interesting! Bounce

Oh yeah, I LOVE "With arms wide open", Lady! Smile That is one awesome song to sing along to. I think it was one of my first fave rock songs.

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I forgot to mention: the games are Megaman (Classic), and Megaman X. In Megaman X, he's just referred to as X. Big Smile