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Haha I saw this title and figured it would be something about MCR.

MCR hasn't saved my life or anything dramatic like that, I just like their music. They're good to write to and I just enjoy listening to this band. My parents make fun of the "Blood" song all the time, haha. Dad's convinced that all of their songs about blood. I keep threatnening to put The Black Parade on Mom's iPod so she can see that Gerard Way's songs are not all about blood, lol.

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I love a book with good characters and a plot that hooks me. I like the characters to seem human and grow as the story goes on. A couple weeks ago I found a fantastic fanfiction and I absolutely loved it because the characters in it weren't flat, boring 2-dimensional people. The writer portrayed them so realisticaly and the story focused on the characters.

I'm more of a character oriented person than plot, but I like the books I read to have an interesting plot. Apologies to any Twilight fans out there, but the story has decent or good characters, but absolutely no plot. That's a turn off for me.

This is really good thread, I'm surprised I didn't find it earlier