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Your OC has discovered a magical portal to an underwater world. Participate for 60XP

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Valentine Tigers.

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Topic: Orgasm=Beauty

On Mar 28, 2009 10:58 am, DMoontear said:

I wanna know what makes you think women during the peak of their orgasam look beutiful - I think men, and women look pretty retarded when acheiving an orgasm.

Or, what porn you are watching - cuz all of the ones that I have seen look quite stupid.


Cinamax After Dark, Showtime After Dark, and The Movie Channel Afterdark.

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I've decided not to post here at this forum anymore Sad Every time I ask questions about life from the heart all I ever get is put downs and criticisms. Like my latest post about adopting an abandoned baby. My reason is to see if there are any good-hearted people who would do so. I guess I was wrong.


My late mother was right. The world is a cold and cruel place.


My mother, if she were still alive, would definitaley adopt abandoned baby mainly for her love of babies. She was pratically the only person with a heart of gold in this universe. Now she's gone and there's no one left.


I might adopt an abandoned baby but in truth, I couldn't handle the responsibility. I am a good auntie though.


This will be last post ever.


I am still staying at this site to post my works but I am never coming to this forum ever again.


Bogus red, if you are reading this you can delete this post along all the other's I've made since I signed up here.


Please don't bother to respond to this post. It doesn't matter to me anymore.

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Any John Water fans around here?

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Would you adopt a baby that was abandoned?

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On Mar 20, 2009 9:42 am, EvilBunnySlippers said:

I think your questions are too open ended for anyone to answer. Perhaps you could be a little more direct and ask questions given in a certian instance or context? The truth of everything and the reality of reality is just a little bit difficult for any person to in its very nature is confusing and people spend their entire lives trying to figure it all out...but perhaps that in itself is the point. Wink


I'm starting to believe that the truth is nothing. If you take away all life lies then 'nothing' is left.

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True but not as annoying as the Orbit gum girl. At least the Progressive Girl helps people save money on auto insurance.

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On Mar 18, 2009 8:45 am, DMoontear said:

No offense Animeiac, but what is the point of asking these rhetorical questions?


I'm confused about life. I am always asking it questions but I never get any straigth answers. Nobody tells me the truth of every thing.


What is the reality of reality?

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Then how come some people in movies and romance novels are sexier and more attractive when they are filled with hate?

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I'm afraid not Sad But maybe Youtube or Veoh might have some clips?