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On Aug 29, 2007 10:07 pm, Runic Tunic said:

I also agree that one shouldn't go to Hell based on their sexual orientation, but to me the whole lesbian mother thing is disgusting and the boy should be raised with an actual father. I'm a huge traditionalist and what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong, and to me having two mothers (or two fathers) is wrong, regardless of what American society thinks. I'm extremely against homosexuality. Even if the boy must be fostered by another man, that's fine as long as there's that male role model in his life. Boys that are raised among women turn into them, but boys that are raised by men become men.


It's sad that people can be so biased. So darling I agree with fablespinner, get your info at a better place then this forum.

Although I can say from seeing one of my friends, that it doesn't really matter at all if the parents have the same sex, given their good parents (with good parents I mean, supportive, loving, and clear in what is and isn't possible for the child).

Any person can be a good parent just as easy as a bad. The thing has been said before and basicly it's true, the parents don't matter as long as they act in benefit of the child and the child is florishing from it.


As for your aunt, I feel sorry for her that she can't except your cousin for who she is and the choices your cousin makes. In the end it only will bring more loss to both your aunt, your cousin and the child incoming. They should stop fighting but rather make plans in how they can make sure that it's good for all parties. No matter what belief might say!

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Whoa whoa look who's back!

yes me, sorry all for being so inactive, specially to you Susie, I didn't mean to but life is hectic!

For all who are interested (I doubt many) I want to say I'm sorry I wasn't around and here are some reasons why:

1. I desperately needed a job for my education... I finally got through a first round and next week gonna have a chat to see if I got the job!

2. I got a call from the UWV, who now 3 years ago decided I was handicapped for 95% so I couldn't work, for a re-apply to see how much the situation has changed, and they still didn't call me back after 5 MONTHS, so I'm VERY nervous about that.

3. My handicap (I've got the Syndrome of Asperger google it!) is playing up real bad so I had to do a therepy again to get it under control.

4. I'm hunting for my own appartment, to live with my girlfriend and that is handfull if you don't have much money so can apply only to a few of them.

5. I'm since a month a moderator on another site, which is very consuming because I keep track of an RPG there (not that I mind it's fun, but the place is rather new so it needs fostering)

6. I've had BIG family issues, which still aren't solved and I hope I can solve it pretty soon since it's not nice what is going on!

Anyways, when I heard from my job I can FINALLY get more active! YAY! *dances*

And again sorry for being dead X_X

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Topic: Hiatus

Well as you guys noticed I haven't been very active lately

I can't be very active for a while either... the reasons are personal, I will be availble for chatting and such just not very active on the net...

It'll probably be september before I really get my ass back online like I normally do...

sorry for the trouble, if you guys need me you know where to fetch me XD


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Topic: Forum replies

lol *unlazies you* hmmm that should help

but yeah it's just bothering sometimes you got to search back what you all talked about XD

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Topic: Forum replies

I've been here for awhile, and ofcourse the forum is plenty used here.

But now every time I reply to something and I wonder if I got a reply I need to check weather I got a reply or not...

Would it be possible to get a message if there has been a reply on the topic you replied to?

That way it saves us all a lot of time in refinding the stuff we replied to and such ^^


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my layers vary

Chibi stuff somewhere between 5-15

Normal stuff (such as my Jerusalem picture) at least 25

if I color something for somebody else I don't know yet... I'm currently working on a KH picture and it already has 60 layers!

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I'm joining in as well sounds like fun ^^

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On May 7, 2006 2:19 pm, arkillian said:
On May 7, 2006 5:54 am, rasilverstorm said:
On Apr 17, 2006 8:41 pm, Greed said:
i prefer traditional art. It's not your work if you make it on a computer. If you draw it and show you can color on your own, thats real talent.

so your stating that if I do a picture in a drawing program on my computer that picture is not "mine"...

That's exactly what this thread is about- The age old battle between tradititional and Digetal. I say everyone to their own- seriously. People are going to be stuck about digetal, and others are gonna be stuck with Traditional. Talent isn't about what medium you use- its about the passion that is received by whoever looks at it, and turns away with a smile or what ever cause they got a little piece of the artist when they veiwed the peice. Scultpurers work with mundane materials like cans and forks and other non precious stuff- is their work any less of quality? I personally think different mediums is cool. It's the difference between reading a story by writng, comic or animation- three different mediums, three dirrerent ways of telling the same story, all three passionate.

</end rant>

you get what I mean XD

I don't think that the medium matters as long as the artist has fun in it...

besides I do both, and enjoy both just as much (even though my traditional coloring sucks, since I'm an impatient tart)

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my part:
I'm from the Netherlands... my home language is Dutch, but my English is pretty fluent (including mistakes that real English jabbing peeps make lol)

Next to my two basics, I practicly understand German... if taken the time... a bit of French (mostly reading)

I also get some Japanese, which I just find interesting XD

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good luck!