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yes, that could be...I shall be sure to remember that next time I need to change something^-^ THANKS!

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Thanks for replying though I it did happen to work not that long ago.

Yes, I saw it on the page as a warning for when you edit...however I haven't been there for longer than 15 minutes. I haven't even been there for a minute! So, I didn't really understand why it was doing that then because I wasn't staying to long.

At least until I need to make another change things are okay. But then I guess I will just have to see if I get lucky again. *shrug*

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Oh thanks thanks! I will keep that in mind!! ^-^

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Thanks for the reply, but surprisingly today when I got on for more attempts that I thought would be in vain IT WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH! I was really confused and shocked, but happy^-^ Hopefully it won't be such a problem in the future. Thanks so much again though!

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I know about the token system idea and I get that, however I simply CANNOT edit my profile!! Somehow I managed to get it to work once a while back, though it was still a challenge, and now I can't change anything AGAIN! Because of how many times I have not been able to get through I almost feel like that one time I did there was something WRONG with the site or whatever.

I continue to get the authorization token invalid message every time, no matter how many times I do it. It's very frustrating to deal with and I dn't know how to not get the message either. I am always logged in to the site and I have tried logging out and then back in, but I still can't get through. I have also not had any problems with putting up or changing other things on the site, only this.

Any help would be appreciated! Also if this is listed anywhere else with an answer, I apologize for reiterating...