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I guess I'll just try to appreciate my art more. I believe what you guys are saying about if it expresses how I feel, then it's beautiful. It makes sense. Then maybe when I improve my skills I'll look over them and draw them again ^_^

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Yeah, I'd appreciate any comments you have for me on my artwork and story lines (if I ever get around to posting another story -__-''...) I never put "roast me" on my drawings but I really do want criticism as well as praise.

I believe I have the passion, just not the means to express it the way I want. *Sigh*

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Thank you, your reply does help. I guess I'm just too dissatisfied with my level of skill at the moment.

I think I'll try the poem thing.

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I'm all about singing, drawing, photography, writing, and all that good stuff. I especially love music. One of the reasons I love these arts so much is that it's how a lot of people express themselves. To me, a song isn't worth anything unless it gives the listener a feeling; anger, hope, happiness, desperation...anything.

Especially recently, I feel like I have so much passion, like a great feeling of anger or happiness or sadness, and no outlet for it. I'll sit at the piano and try to compose something that will express my emotions and I realized that I haven't got the talent to do it. Same with drawing and writing. I know, I know...practice makes perfect. But I'm at a busy part of my life right now, so I'm stressed and I don't have the time...which, ironically, makes me need this outlet even greater. So it becomes a great circle of not getting things out.

Talking to friends is an okay outlet but I have this need to create something beautiful and I'm frustrated at the fact that I can't. I mean, I'm happy with the stuff in my gallery, but I think everyone can agree, there isn't much emotion in them. And that's what I want to create. Something overflowing with emotion...of any kind.

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You guys should check out last year's Eurovision winner, LORDI. They're from Finland (Yay! My home country finally won!) LORDI's pretty good in my opinion, and all their music videos could be the base of a horror's kinda cool XD

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I love dancing too! Especially swing dancing! *woot* Innocent I love to sing also! I'm in choir and stuff, I really want to do a voice performance major! So I'll definately sing with you guys!

*starts singing Ave Verum, gets booed off-stage*

*starts singing 'everybody dance now', ppl dance....*

...I hope I remember to check this post for replies later... Embarrassed