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Topic: Golden Wing 3

Great timing for me to come back, huh guys? I'm so sorry- I should have at least checked up on some stuff. It's sad to see this die, but it was rather demanding. And it was mostly regular members working on it anyway, when the object was to get less prominent members involved. Sad Ah well, back to the drawing board! ... I honestly didn't see that pun coming. *is utterly distracted by hail outside the window*

Anyway, I'm glad that it got SOMEWHERE. Thank you so much for giving it a chance, maybe I can work on something better next time. See ya around, ~Kiri

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My life has gotten out of hand concerning deadlines. I feel really bad for not entering anything. Everything is wacky. And I'm going somewhere again this weekend! So I won't see the winner until Sunday. Sad I'll miss you guys...

Just wanted to let you know-the next winner needs to post a new forum thread with their name and the competition rules. aka Golden Wing Competition #2 for March's contest. It's just so we can keep it as un-confusing as possible.

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Topic: Hi Everyone

Hm, it's obvious that you two know each other well. Smile  A formal welcome to both of you!  

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Thanky You Delta! ^_^

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As a writer though, you cannot deny that Paolini is very good. I mean, the first book was so condensed in the movie plot there was little left of the story. It was also his first book, a little basic, so I'm not surprised at the crappy job they did on stripping the plot. Sorry hollywood, but fans can see thought that. They need to quit dissing Christopher Paolini's work with their half-assed screenplays. < < He worked hard to take an ancient theme and make it read like new, to make it sparkle. (why oh why don't authors take the time to write their own screenplays? *cries*)

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Glomp *loves* Glomp

I think that the viruses are what's killing your pc the most (obviously) and are due to your whole pc wipe thing and needing to re-download stuff (obviously). But the spider was sent to further throw you over the edge, that you may know that it'll be ok as soon as you squash your problems. * goes on misson to squash all spiders* Never fear, good luck shall turn up eventually!! Glomp

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Runic:Bogusred's title would be Golden Wing. It's made especially for this competition to make that user feel special. The reasoning behind this is the symbol for the premium account- :premium: - it's a golden wing! Check out  Seladore 's profile for an example.

Yes, more than one entry is allowed.

My apologies to any of the moderators that will not receive a prize. The premium account feature was added as a last-minute perk, because I'm hoping to encourage the regular members here. If a mod wins, they will still have the privalage of being the Golden Wing for a month. I'm sorry I can't do more than that. Sad

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Everyone is invited; and any type of media can be entered! But please read this thread first.

Current Golden Wing: BogusRed (Let's start with something nice for Susie!)

General Info: This is a competition focusing on a member. The goal is to appeal to that member as much as you can with your entry, which can be art, writing, poetry, music, animation, or whatever you do best! (See rule #1 for more information.) To appeal to the member, browse their profile then focus your entry on a theme they would like. (ex: for a writer, draw a picture of one of their characters.)

Prizes: Here’s the fun part! ^_^ At the end of the month, the Golden Wing (the member that hosted the competition) must hand down her/his title to a new member. This member will be WHOEVER turned in the entry that appealed most to the Golden Wing. The winner will also receive a 1 month free premium account if at least 10 people participated in the contest for that month.


1. You must post your entry on Paperdemon. In the case of unsupported files ONLY (such as music, animation, ect) you may post a link on your profile page.

2. Must contact the current Golden Wing for your entry to be valid.

3. Good sportsmanship & basic rules must be followed AT ALL TIMES.

4. Winners must follow special set of rules for hosting the next competition. If he/she cannot, a runner up must be provided ASAP.

5. Each member can win only once every 12 months, although you may still participate.

6.Ok, so this isn’t an official rule. I just wanted to bug you on the importance of promoting the competition. 10 participating members are needed to give a prize. Please take the time to go through your buddy list and INVITE people if you plan on participating. It’s for the Golden Wing, but most importantly it's for your community. I need your help to keep the competition alive!

Contest #1- February 1-28

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Ah, no, I'm just being silly. Just saying I know you're busy and I'm not going to take any of your free time away. (But that first part did sound hateful now that I think about it...>_<...memo to self, think more. Sick I'm so sorry that came out wrong. *grovels* Worship

Wave I wish you godspeed with your workload!

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I might post a new thread, seing as how this one is titled wrong and already very long. It'll be the :premium: Golden Wing Competition.

But you know, the mods who don't get a prize (because they already have premium-style accounts) will probably get more of a turnout, because they know more people than the average member. It's an unfair way to even the scales, but what more could a mod want than us? We are your humble flock. :3

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