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 Is the jury still out on this subject or is it dropped?

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 I'm so sorry.  I could not figure out how to get images, or links to them, into my last message.  

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  Thank you very much for the speedy reply and explanations.  I initially put all those images in RC because I did not understand the rules completely (probably should have done more reading into it, typical lazy ass, eh?) and did not want to get in trouble posting them on PD.  Sometimes my artwork can contain some nudity, but nothing sexually explicit, nothing frontal below the waist, so I'm glad I can kind of regroup all my artwork into one gallery over on PD.  Not being a fan of the super graphic stuff, I rarely every peeked into the RC side, and felt like I was neglecting my pictures over here Corky Smile  

I'd like a little more clarification on the Anthropomorphic definition.  As I understand the word, it is human traits and emotions applied to any non human entity - forces of nature, inanimate objects, as well as animals.  There are a lot of examples of this that are unclothed but I would see as kind of silly relegated to the RC galleries because technically they aren't wearing clothes! 

This dog is not wearing clothes!  Well, unless you count the hat...

In addition to his overdrive libido, Pepe opts to go sans pants for the ladies Wink

I always wondered if Bugs wasn't a little homo or bisexual... he loved to cross dress and plant big juicy kisses on Elmer Fudd!

The clock, candlestick, teapot and cup are nekkid!

This tree goddess hardly seems lewd...

Or this sphinx...

Even though these guys are selling underwear, they are not wearing any!



Okay, okay, I guess you see my point.  I got a little carried away in finding images heheh it was getting fun!  So, I think it is a little unfair to say that just because something has both animal and human characteristics and bare breasts for instance, that it immediately should be in RC.  Why can't it be judged by the same rules as non-anthro art?  If there is penis or vagina or anything of a graphic sexual or violent nature, then absolutely, yes in RC.  Please explain the reasoning behind this exception to the rules.

Thank you again for all your time and patience!  

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 I have a Rec Curtain gallery, and most of the artwork I have posted there simply due to some nudity.  Not anything overly explicit in my opinion: a mermaid and a kind of fantasy oracle both with exposed breasts (the oracle has six! heheh).  I was wondering, does a drawing have to be in Red Curtain simply because it shows naked breasts or is this reserved for the hardcore stuff I mostly see here?  I feel like most of my drawings contain some artistic nudity, but nothing I would feel uncomfortable showing a child.  Can I put these pictures in my PaperDemon gallery?  What about portraying something very violent?  What if the violence is cartoonish?   I guess I am wondering what constitutes ADULT content exactly.  

Thanks!  And thank you for a wonderful website  .gif" />

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Just watched "Prophecy" last night - that old movie with Christopher Walken as the angel Gabriel.  I didn't realize Aragorn played Lucifer! lol  Well, I got a little inspired to draw about the warring angels, or gods and incarnations in general. 
Just a thought.
Oh, and lest I forget... Wink