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New Years Art RPG Cross Over Challenge. Earn 50-100 XP, 7AP, 50 gold for participating. Now through Mar 10

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I'd say the majority of mainstream artists/bands (like as you said, with rappers and boy bands) have very stupid names. Take Sum 41 for example, generic can it get?

Yeah..I cracked up pretty hard at those names I found them too Grin


oh heres a few new ones! And they're funny too!:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - What?

Copyright - Folks, this is bound to confuse someone!

Butthole Surfers- Ummmmm...

Male or Female - It's so dumb, it has left me speechless.. o.o;;

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Are you serious? Just one song and band?! ARRRRRRRRRRH! XD

My favorite band is The Cruxshadows! As for my favorite song, it's usually one of these. It's too tough to just chose one! :

The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes

The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love

Voodoo Church - Live With the Dead

Bloody Dead and Sexy - Bloody Rose

The Cruxshadows - Edge of the World

Razed in Black - Oh My Goth!!

I'll stop right here. The favorite song question is just impossible! X___X;;


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Topic: Your Avatar

On Apr 15, 2006 4:17 pm, Greed said:
He's kinda scary lookin Evil .reminds me of maralynne manson (pardon me if I misspelt)

Lol..I think he's adorable Sweat Drop I got a better picture of him on my image portfolio thing..heheh.

I wouldn't compare him to Marilyn Manson though Grin Rogue isn't a shock rocker Sweat Drop I don't like Manson....well, maybe his old music is pretty cool, I'll admit to that. xD

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Lol...yeah. 'The Killers' does sound pretty lame, like they're trying to be hardcore or something xD  

It reminds me of the band my sister used to be in - 'The Savages'


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On Apr 13, 2006 5:56 pm, Dollmaker said:

How do you figure out what your moon sign is?  I've heard of it before, just never how to get it. Slant

Try this link and see what happens-

While on the topic, I was reading a starsign book based on careers (don't remember the name, but it's found in libraries everywhere) and it said that if one of your main signs (sun, rising, moon) is the same as your 'Midheaven' sign, you have what is called a 'Double Destiny" which suppost to mean alot of success in a certain career. I got Moon in Aquarius, and same with my Midheaven sign and it said my personality is perfect for a comic artist or a musician What?

Heh, I love the zodiac Smile

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First of all, this topic is not on bashing bands! Instead, this is all about poking fun at dumb band/artist names xD Moderaters, if this gets out of control and goes on a bashing war (I doubt it), close the topic XD

Have you ever been searching through the internet and came across some stupid band names? I sure have! Here are the best ones I've found!

Most of these are heavy metal bands too. Man, metalheads are nuts I tell ya!

Satan's Penguins - LMAO! This band is great! Not only do they got a silly name, but they try to act all 'satanic' and sing about doom penguins...hahaha Grin

The Pillows - Good band, but man...what a silly name for a jrock group! xD - Actually I think that sounds cute...but nevertheless still wacky!

Thing-In-Itself - Again, cute...but wacky.

Bloodfarts - Funny, but so gross!

Grandma's Vomit - ...are you serious? xD

Fallout Boy - Another dumb name. Sounds like something a bunch of teeny-wannabes made up to be cool. Eeeeew! Embarassing!

Satan's Almighty Penis - Good lord. You can't take a band with this kind of name seriously! Laughing

First if all, DO not make fun of of band names because you don't like the music itself. This is about dumb names people! Big Smile

Know a band with a funny or dumb name? Post it here! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Laughing

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On Apr 13, 2006 7:21 pm, Qcvar said:

While this may mean that we can use profanity more liberally I do want to state that I enjoy the relative level of maturity that these boards have maintained, and that I hope that we can still keep our discussions at a high social and linguistic plateau.  Anyway, I'm probably worried about nothing...

Ha, that is the same thing I was thinking! I was all "Oh god, now I got to deal with immature cussing here too..this is going to hell" Sweat Drop And then I was expecting cuss words to sprout from every post on this forum when I saw others react so happily from the announcement. X_x;;

From it looks, it seems everybody is keeping it under control. I guess we were worried about nothing. Good thing Smile  

Thats what I like about PD =D

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Wow..I never knew anything like that Carpal Tunnel >__o;; Well, I hope it gets better soon! Everything always turns out right in the end Smile

That is still scary...Carpal Tunnel is like the feared nightmare of internet no-lifes and artists....hang on in there!

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Now that is a good idea =D Hehehe..a PD easter egg hunt! xD

Can't wait till next year! Smile

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On Apr 15, 2006 9:36 am, thedemonsess said:

Oh, I still do Easter egg hunts, even though I'm 22 years old. It's something my sisters and I have done all our lives. It's so much fun.

Thats awesome! =D We have an giant Easter egg hunt tomorrow at our church, and there will be about hundreds of kids there. Kinda worried because children are always scared of us both Sweat Drop Especially my sister...she can walk past a bunch of random 2-5 year olds and make them all cry for no reason, and she's just your average plainy-dressed tomboy What?

Painting eggs might be fun though! Big Smile