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C:\Documents and Settings\Jennifer Ridgway\My Documents\DVDA


ok if that doesn't work then I don't know what to do the damn thing won't let me past my pic


I can't paste my pic here! what dio I do?


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could it be possible for us to have a blank box to fill in the category we need?  Like in the "other" option could there maybe be a blank box next to it with a few options to scroll through (some ppl might take advantage and write stupid stuff if it was just a fill in thing)


The reason I ask is because I actually DO use the super fandom feature.  Some times I read a really good fic and wanna draw some fanart for the author- like the three pics of Link I posted earlier today.  I was looking for the super fandom option and it was gone to my dismay! 

It's not really major- so if you can't or don't want to do it Susie- I'll understand completely! Big Smile

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after a night of three olives i fell asleep face down and lay on top of my arms which were folded underneath me and for the next three days the were tingly, numb (kinda) and hurt.  - ok that wasn't as bad as some ass wipe putting an ax through my computer (no one I know would be dumb enough to do that as I'd but an axe through their head afterward)

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Thanks guys that helped a lot!

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I was just curious if anyone knows this.. Does Kikyo ever cry in front of Inu Yasha?

Any info would be MUCH appreciated.  I need to know for a fic I'm writing, and as far as I know she never has.

I know that Inu Yasha is really surprised that Kagome cries for his sake which leads me to believe that the last person who did was his mother, not Kikyo.

And I don't have all the manga or hardly any eps of the anime- but what I do have- I never saw Kikyo cry in front of Inu Yasha.

Bounce Thanks!

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Cool, I guess I should have just e-mailed you to ask instead of posting on the forum!  Ah- one more question if I may- how big exactly is a 2 MB pic? is that like 8x10 or does it have to do with color more than size- just for future reference, because the one pic I tried to post wouldn't at first because they said it was larer than 2 MB and I went and saved it again the same way except i changed it to be low resolution or something forsmaller files even though the pic itself is kinda large.

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I posted 3 pics and only one is showing up.  Is this a part of the new rules that I missed out on or someonthing... if so that makes me muy driste!! (very sad)  I just posted 3 pics I'm very proud of but no one will know now, theyr'e all finished too GRRR!  I'm sorry, but I follw the 3 pic a day limit, so can someone tell me what the deal is now?

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I LOVE VEGETA!!! but I hate everyone else on the show. Is that weird?

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oh! I've  had a few zombie dreams recently, but I kicked their asses!  I've been fighting a lot in dreams and worse but I always win even if I get f****d up, so that's a good thing I take it.  Even though my present situation is not as cool as my dreams when I can remember them.

Before that I'd say early last year for a few months I kept dreaming about being in these huge weird houses that I'd never been to.  in strange places.  Then way b4 that from the time I was 18 to the time I was 21 I kept having dreams that my teeth were falling out.  Those were gross cause I could taste the blood and all that.

sorry I can't say more at the moment my dumb brother needs the pc

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I'm having trouble changing the critiques that i want to get.  I've slowly been trying to change them ALL to potluck, and I am now unable to.  It says something about the file which I had no intention of changeing, 

Ami I going to have to re-upload each picture to change the critique  now?