Cutting features?

Hey PaperDemon community.

Over the years we've added a crap ton of features. I'd like to remove the stuff we're not actually using so that I can spend more time focusing on making the site better and adding more meaningful features.

Here are features I'm planning on removing and why...

  • Commission board
    As far as I can tell, this hasn't added anything meaningful to anyone and I doubt most members even know it exists.
  • Premium accounts
    This has never been successful in helping us raise money. The value isn't good and I have other more unique monetization plans for the site anyway. The various features that premium accounts bring are costly to maintain so I want to cut them (see below). The one thing I liked about this was being able to reward community members with premium features (such as for reporting bugs, being active community members, etc). However, I can come up with alternatives for rewarding members who contribute to the community.
  • Profile skins (premium accounts only)
    These are extremely costly to build and maintain and don't work well on mobile devices.
  • Polls (premium accounts only)
    This one I'm not sure about. If there is enough interest, I could add these to the forums and make the available for all users to use (and not just premium account holders). But having a feature that only a very small set of users use is not worth the time. But let me know.
  • Photos
    There are a multitude of other services that do photo sharing much better than us such as facebook, instagram, pinterest, and imgur. This feature really isn't necessary anymore.
  • Groups
    This was created a long time ago for a specific purpose that's no longer relevant. It was never finished and it was never open to the public for creating new groups anyway. The only useful feature was curated galleries for various events we've hosted. We already have a super awesome tagging system in the art section which we can use instead.

I'm always willing to listen. What do you think? Do you have any objection to it? Do you have ideas for other features to remove? Keep in mind: The less features we have, the better I can make everything else. Thank you for your input!