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Studio Ghibli Artist Kazuo Oga Painting Process [Video/Industry] 🍂
Watch beautiful background art for Studio Ghibli films come to life step by step.


Art reference app for hands [Reference]

How to draw fantasy drawings [Tutorials]

The birth of Studio Ghibli [Video/Industry] 🍂
How Studio Ghibli and the first film Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind was born.


Anime was a mistake [Video/Industry] 🍂
About Hayao Miyazaki's style compares to other anime.


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  • Cutting features? [Announcement] 😨
    We're planning on removing some features from PaperDemon, including premium accounts. Let us know what you think.

  • WixeyWinsock [New member]
    WixeyWinsock is new to the community and has posted Tetris Flowers artwork done with Paint Tool SAI

  • LinmirianJoyrex [New member]
    LinmirianJoyrex has been a member for a few months but just posted their first artwork of dragons

  • Morpher [New member]
    Morpher joined us a few weeks ago and has posted quite a bit of artwork already. Check it out and give them a warm welcome to the community! From their profile:
    "I dabble in just about all forms of art, traditional, crafts, *computer, writing, sewing and costuming, etc. So, it is quite probable to expect anything from me. "

  • Xiakeyra
    has posted a new claymation video which includes behind the scenes footage of how she crafted the Nightmare Moon clay pony.



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