[newsletter] How to draw feet, PaperDemon Media behind the scenes

Feet study

Hello PaperDemons. OMG I am late with the June newsletter but this edition is extra special. We've got a few resources this month to help you get better at drawing feet. As well as our first exclusive article detailing how to make storyboards.

Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, etc.

Tip: If you're like me and impatient and think people talk too slow in videos, just click the gear icon on youtube and set the speed to 1.5.


  • New members! Please welcome them to the community by showering them with comments.
    • Ebonartgallery
      3d shounen ai artwork. If you're an adult, check out their red curtain gallery.
    • Thehereticlocomotive
      This artist combines 3d and 2d art to create compelling illustrations.
    • TheDarkNatasha posts animal and anthropomorphic art.
  • Welcome back cloud224 who's shared a bunch of dragon ball z and zelda artwork
  • Sadly we had an imposter in our midsts this month. Someone signed up impersonating Balaa and we swung the ban-hammer. The real Balaa is here on deviantart.