Online PaperDemon community meetup #1!

Yesterday the PaperDemon community had our first online meetup  🔥. Community members were very excited to talk about an open source/creative commons/public domain fictional universe that others can use as a base for their creative stories and characters. This idea was spawned by PaperDemon member Woozle who's written about it in her blog. The community is still in the early stages of forming this open fictional universe, dubbed Paperverse for now, but plans to meet again in a month's time to continue its creation.

Our next community meetup is scheduled for 

⌚ Saturday June 16, 8PM UTC. Use the world clock site to see the meetup time in your local timezone.


We're not sure what the topics will be but we'll post them for voting in the discord #meetup channel soon. If you have a topic, please suggest it in the #suggestion-box channel.

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