[Art + Writing Challenge] NoobMeVsNowMe

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Our last challenge was H-A-R-D and much more academic in nature so give yourself a pat on the back if you participated in that one.

This week's challenge is different and better for the soul. It's designed to help you get a much needed confidence booster!

I've spoken before about how many of us compare ourselves to other artists and how unhealthy it is. But for this week's challenge I'd like you to compare yourself to, well... yourself! We're going to do this by redoing an old work of art.

How to participate

This challenge runs from Jul 22 - Aug 4, 2019

  1. Look through the old creative works (art/writing/etc) that you've created. Try to find something that whenever you look at it you cringe at how bad it is. The older the better!

  2. Over the next two weeks work on redrawing/repainting/rewriting it to make it better reflect your current abilities.

  3. Post your old work and new work side by side with the years below like this example. If you're posting art, add the tag NoobMeVsNowMe to your submission tags. You'll gain 50XP for each art submission.

Get inspired

#NoobMeVsNowMe is trending these days on Twitter and Instagram so take a gander over there to be inspired at how much other artists have improved, too. I don't know about you but it inspires me to see that other artists have started from humble beginings.

Livestream schedule

I'm participating in this challenge too! And trust me I've got some really old art that needs some redrawing (see the title image).

I'll be critiqueing some of my old work and then redrawing it. Please note the new time.

  • Tuesday, July 23th, 10am PST

  • Wednesday, July 24th, 10am PST

  • Tuesday, July 30rd, 10am PST

Watch me live during these times on Twitch.

No time to participate?

If you don't have time to participate, at the very least, post some of your old art next to one of your recent pieces so we can all celebrate how far you've come!


Huge congratulations to Miriam-chan and DragonLadyBarbour for participating in last week's challenge! You can see all the travel challenge entries here.