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About Me

What's there to know about me? Not much. I work a minimum wage job, and I spend almost all of my free time either cooking, cleaning, reading, or drawing. I love to draw, paint, crochet, and generally craft, when I have the time and money. I am of the Pagan spiritual path, and incense is oftentimes one of my best friends. I love reading of old Celtic folk tales and legends, as well as Celtic and general Pagan history. If I were to classify my personal practice I would say that I am an Ecclectic Witch.

     I draw all the time, though rarely do I think something is good enough to post online. I have done two published book covers, one of which I purchased a copy of. I would love to do more cover art for books and the like and I finally have the software to produce much better final products than I used to so I hope to make more cover art for more and more books. It helps that my genres and styles range pretty much anywhere on the spectrum.

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