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I'm Mika! I'm a 20 year old college student going for my art major and international business major (as well as a minor in Japanese). I am pending acceptance to Temple University's Japan campus for Spring 2010, so please wish me luck!  I find out September 15, 2009. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!

Anyway, I  love most things Japanese (which does happen to include anime and manga), thus I have a manga-esque style to my art. I've been working other styles into it slowly however, so you'll probably see it change a lot over the next few years!

I'll admit that I  have a habit of forgetting about this gallery. I need to clean it up and submit new art, but I'm just such a lazy bum when it comes to that!  If you want to keep track of my art more often, I  update my Deviant Art more often: and <--paradise-cute is my Lolita art gallery, I  like keeping it separate from my main gallery, don't ask me why xD

Anyway, if you're curious about possible commissions, feel free to Note me on DA or here (though my response might be VERY  slow here) or E-mail me at

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