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About Me

Name: Melanie-sama

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Not much to say about me, I just like designing characters and their backstories. Smile I'm still busy making plans for this profile, so for now: I have no idea what I'm doing! xD Message me about commissions if you'd like.

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Blog: Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! ^^ I decided to get this account to combine with my deviantart and Tumblr... Because why not? xD Another artist brought my attention to this site, and since I loved the interface I decided it was worth my time to make an account. It just feels really user-friendly to me. Anyhow, a bit about me, I guess.

My name is Melanie-sama, but I'll answer to Melanie, Mel, Zephyra, and Zephy all the same. You could try and take the risk to call me Ms. Frillyskirt, but I wouldn't if I were you. Evil I'm 20 years old, and female. Not much to say about me, I like drawing, internet and videogames. I'm especially a sucker for Assassin's Creed titles lately. If you can catch me without a controller in my hands, I'm probably designing my next character or in some crazy RP involving purple llama's... I like designing original characters and their backstories, and aspire to use my skills in the gaming industry one day. I have a few accounts on different art sites floating around to get some more attention for my art, since I'm already content with the level my deviantart is at after two years, and I like meeting new people.

Also, I might be spending my time getting pissed off at inequality of different sexualities, genders, religions and skin colours. If you ask me, we're all human in the end, and should all be treated as such. These views get me in trouble way more then I like to admit. People have kind of started excluding me because I'm honest about my views when somebody asks. I'm not sure if saying: 'I don't judge by skin colour, gender, religion or sexuality and I like hanging out with people don't either' is sugarcoating it, but I guess it scares the living hell out of people around me. I've tried incorporating some of my views into my character concepts, because it's as much a part of me as my left leg is.

I often worry about what people think of me, and I have my days where I just feel like everything I say is rude. However, I'm a whole lot more social behind a screen then in real life, so feel free to send me a message or comment. ^^ I hardly know anyone on this site right now, and meeting new people is always nice. Online, at least. It's terrifying as hell in real life if you ask me. What?

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