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Blog: Hi, my name is Cubic, and I'm looking for a new art home.

Y'know, starting out a "I'M NEW HERE" blog post is always weird and awkward.  I never know whether to go, "HI, EVERYONE, BE MY FRAAAN " or if I should make it seem

Anyhoodle, so welcome to my blog and I hope that you and I will become better acquainted as I get used to PD and how to navigate it.  A watcher on deviantART told me about PaperDemons when I was considering leaving deviantART (and at this rate, I'll be forced to leave it, as I feel the website is on its last leg).  PD is the first place that I've actually read through the ToS, and I was so pleased with how to-the-point and concise it was that I instantly fell in love with the site and signed up.

So now I'm going to spend more time here and try to figure out how to best utilize PD.

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing what all you post. 

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