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Blog: My Adventure

I Was jealous of Marie N. I Love her artwork, she is one of my favorite artists. I have lied to myself for four years.

Four simple truths. simple but powerful. These truths are the reason why when not with my fiance all I could focus on was Marie and her accounts, why I could only see the bad side of things and why I was depressed and moody. I'm here on Devieant art for others artwork. Nothing more nothing less. I have a offline life to lead and I plan on living it. This was another reason I contacted Marieangel04. Because other then checking in the morning I don't plan on being here starting in Febuary.

I'll keep all my accounts, Fave artwork, and occasionally post IDs, bandwagons, and artwork, But my main focus will be on me making up to myself then getting a life together,  then wedding.

If you want to read up on what I'm doing see my blog:

If you want to see all my artwork then photobucket:

If you want to see my Favorite works see these accounts

Want to see my reviews on shows?

And of course where I'll be posting photos and my top notch art instagram:

If you can not be unafriad then be Afriad and happy
I'll get over Marie in my own time, I just did with Eva, and if I start now I should be a well ajusted adult and perfect wife by the time my wedding rolls around :serious nod:

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