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About Me

I came on this site through sheezyart. I hope you like my art and me *caughs*

ok well, I think that profils are a theme that is very difficult.
you don't know what to write because you want that you are interesting for other people.....

but..... *sniff* ....what is when your life is sooooo boring like mines???

at the moment I'm sitting at home all day long and waiting that the post arrives Sad (interesting right?)

people who wants to make my life more adventuring should write me (hahaha)


But here is the traditional profile (so could see that something normal is in me, too)

Name: Kristina
Loc.: Germany (Cologne)
Age : 21
Like: nice people who write me ^^, food, music,
Dislike: hmmmm.....spiders ....wääähh ^^

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