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Yuri Sha Hargreaves 馃挏
Artist 路 Tomboy 路 Dreamer 路 Gothic 路 Dark romanticist 路 Karasu's Wife馃挄聽
~People die, but real love is forever.~
The Crow 馃挆馃惁馃挘馃崚馃拫聽
Hiya! 馃樃 I am a self-taught visual artist, creative writer, and whimsical dreamer from New England, USA. My dream is to publish my art and stories as webcomics with my brothers. 馃挏 In my personal life, I am a tomboy with a fiery spirit. 馃樃 I feel a strong connection with the ocean, and I have a love for faerie tales, folklore, and Gothic fiction. My favourite stories are Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream {Puck is the best! 馃挏}. I鈥檓 a bit of a loner, and spend all my time dedicated to the creative arts. My pastimes include catching up on webcomics, listening to a wide variety of music, taking walks in nature, and watching thought-provoking films.
Other things to know about me - Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho is an imaginary figure part of a series of dreams I have, as well as my everyday surroundings due to my spiritual beliefs and depressive psychosis, whom I have a strong relationship with. He's my best team mate, and the Eric to my Shelly! 馃挏 I'm also a fangirl when it comes to music, anime, and video games. I especially love David Bowie, BUCK-TICK, Evanescence, and Marianas Trench. My favourite films are Blade Runner and The Crow. I love Tezuka's Black Jack, Yuri on Ice, and Castlevania. The artists I'm most inspired by are Ayami Kojima and Kaori Yuki. My penname comes from my twin, Viktor Mikail, who was inspired by Cain Hargreaves from Kaori Yuki's Godchild and Earl Cain Gothic manga series. I also love faeries and mermaids, especially by artists Amy Brown and David Delamare! I'm writing a Dark Fantasy series with my brothers which we will publish as a webcomic someday soon. 馃樃
Thankyou for your visit! 馃拫
鈽 Forever love David Bowie. 鈽

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