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About Me

There's really not much to say about myself. Although I do write some, is more an artist. Hence my AV. Wink When I do write though it tends to be more on the humorous side.

I'm a long time loverr of InuYasha - my anime, fan-fiction, fan-art of choice. I don't write a whole lot, but I do love to read.

Whatever stories I do post, no one has to comment on it, though a few words would be nice... if you do, no flames please as I don't have a use for them or those that waste their time making them. I'm rather new at the whole writing thing, so flames are only good for the Bar-B-Q. Wink

Funny it is as I can beta works of others, just not my own. Go figure. Big Smile

As for writing, different things inspire me in this, mainly the encouragement of others. Now as for my art, reading some good fan fiction being the main one and having good music fuel that.

Love to sit with headphones on, lost in the world of lines and colors.
I love to be pulled into a story;  hook, line and sinker. Want to feel the full range of emotions the characters are feeling/going through. To feel all the angst, drama, romance, and smut. Wink  
I want to laugh with the characters, cry with them and for them. I want to feel all the passion that the storyteller has put into the story as if it's been put there just for me. 

As for plagiarists: have totally no use for them at all! I may write crap, but it's my crap, so let it be. That being said, I hope I haven't offended anyone and if you like something I wrote, is glad. Wink

Most of my writing can be found here, at Eternal Destiny.

Art wise I'm more a colorist myself, can be found at as well as Deviant Art.

And may I add a blanket disclaimer of sorts: I own nadathing, nor do I make money from nadathing. ;

Also being a part of Feudal Association keeps me pretty busy as of late, but I haven’t forgotten about Bank, Kitty! I swear! Big Smile But if would like to join and take part in Honoring the Silver Haired Hanyou Hunk known as InuYasha, come on down, you know you wanna! Wink We also have a dA group as well. 

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