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About Me

Wow, are you reading this? Seriously?  Well, I guess I'd better type something interesting about myself then, huh?  Can't let you be dissapointed after you've read this far.

Lets start with my username "Orange-for-Anguish".  It is taken from my very favorite short story, "Orange is for Anguish, Blue for Insanity".  On DeviantART my username is "Blue-for-Insanity".  I was just going to use that here as well, but I thought I'd change it up a bit.  Usually my internet handle is just Van Dorn, which is also from the short story that I love so much.  The name just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  Van Dorn. ^-^

Ok, more interesting stuff... umm, Oh!  I don't think in words.  Which is not to say that I don't ever think in words, but it's not my usual thing.  I really can't compair it to normal thinking, because I don't know what that it (or if any really knows, seriously.  What is normal?) is.  But I have a difficult time talking sometimes because I forget what things are called.  Writing is much easer, there's more time to think.

Alright, move on now -- you've been reading this thing long enough.  Shouldn't you be looking at art now or something?  That is what this place is for.  Shoo!  Shoo!

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