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About Me

Some time ago I understood I can't live without writing. Good music and films awake great inspiration in me. So... you can see the result. I'm from Russia and English isn't my mother language so your critique is very valuable for me.

I like fantasy and fantastic greatly.

Especially I like following books: “Lord of the Rings”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, books by Andrew Norton, Harry Harrison, R. Salvatore, “Harry Potter”,  “Chronicles of Pern”, “Night Watch” by Sergey Lukyanenko (Russian writer).

My favourite films: “The Lord of the Rings”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Eragon”, “Stardust”, "The Pirates of the Caribbean".

Music: "Aria" (Russian band), "Linkin Park", folk-rock - especially "The Mill", "Hellawes" (they're Russian but the last band has several songs in English - their songs on J.R.R. Tolkien's poems are great) and "Shaman".

If you like the same we can have a good talk.



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Blog: Parting with the Childhood

I started with this project not long ago. It even doesn't have a title yet. I'll come up later with it. Parting with the Childhood is just the first part of the story, and that's going to be a long one.

It's really hard to write in English so any critics is accepted. Please ask questions for details and content, you'll be realy helpful))

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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