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About Me

Well, as of this moment, it is thunderstorming. Do you know what that means? Torrential rain and possible tornadoes. Do you know what else it means? By all means, fill me in with your wisdom, because I'm totally clueless as to this matter.

Well, first off in the about me, I know that on the Real Name place it says "Please don't put fake names." But, you know, human tendancies and all that stuff. That's right, Ophelia isn't my real name at all, nor is that my last name. So ha. My real name is very unassuming and as common as you can get. Ophelia just so happens to be one of my favorite Shakespeare characters.

Writing is my passion, if you can't tell by the tip-tap of busy little keys as I sit here scurring across the keyboard of my laptop during a thunderstorm. That's right, I'm taking time from drinking coffee and doing fairy-ish things just to tell you people a little bit about myself. Don't you just feel special. Does anybody read these things except for myself? I don't even know, and a greater portion of myself doesn't even care.

As of this moment I am at the tail-end of my eighteen years, though that doesn't stop me from looking like a twelve year old when I'm not wearing all my Gothy make-up. (Bwah-haha.) Actually I'm just kidding about the Gothy make-up; apart from the several pairs of Tripp pants I own, that's as Gothy as I can get. I classify myself more as Bohemian rather than Goth, though many people will disagree with me on that matter....

I am also a freshman in college (whoopie). I am a librarian, a writer, a student, a sister, a daughter, a best-friend, and a fairy princess with a magic wand and crown of moonwebs and spiderdust. ...Erm... I mean, moondust and spider... awe, forget it.

At any rate, once I write something a little less than eight hundred pages and a little less personal to me, then I'll post it on here.

Not that I'm expecting much publicity or anything.

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