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About Me

My main hobbies include playing videogames and tourturing my cat with lots of hugs and kisses. My other hobbies are drawing and writing. I prefer the former.
Do not judge me on first read, or looks. Judge me after I have said my hellos and you know me. Listen not to the others that have been scorened or did the scorning, their opinion is bias.

Latest Art Submissions

Blog: Holy flying monkey balls.

I forgot I had an account here @_@

If'n I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it's due to my lack of drawing lately.(Lately being, oh, the last year or so.)

I guess some good things came from Y!gallery being down :p.

I do have some new things I could throw up here, only traditional peices though, but it's pretty late now. Maybe I will, mayhaps I won't Big Smile

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