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Hi. I'm Lee or Pariah, whichever is easier. I'm a laidback old codger for the most part so if you have any questions, feel free to throw them my way.  I I'm not really good with these sorts of statement areas so my basic rules:

1) Be polite.

2) Be literate.

3) Enjoy.

Anything else is gravy I suppose.

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Blog: Comissions (PLEASE read)

I understand that everyone is strapped severely for cash this days but the fact of the matter is, I need a visit to this retina specialist  to the tune of $311 for the consultation. I realize that this is probably not all going to come from you guys but I figure you can't know unless you try.

I'm at the point where I will take any amount of money and draw something for you. I don't care. My paypal is still rghrt [at] yahoo so if you have some spare change or know someone who does, think about sending them my way please?

X-posted everywhere I can think of so I apologize if you get spammed with it.

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